The PGA Tour now comes to the World Golf Championship Bridgestone Invitational. This is always one of the bigger tournaments of the year, but because it is coming just two weeks after a Major, it has even more excitement than some of the other tournaments this season. That means that daily fantasy golf is going to be a very popular event this week. If you’re looking to put together a roster for Thursday, be sure to look over our analysis to get a jump start on the competition.

Jordan Spieth: Spieth had a big, and for some, a very surprising win at the Open Championship. It’s no surprise here that he’s going to be the most expensive golfer in the field with a salary of $12,000. The Open was his third win of the year. He’s also made 13 of 16 cuts and has made 8 top tens. His average stroke count of 69.4 ties his for the best in the field, and according to DraftKings, he has the highest average fantasy point contribution per tournament of anyone entered here. The problem is that he’s expensive. He’s also been a bit hit or miss lately, especially after a big tournament. There’s a good chance that he’s overpriced here.

Dustin Johnson: Johnson is ranked second in this field with a salary of $11,800. His numbers are very similar to Spieth’s, but without as much recent success. Spieth won the Open, while Johnson finished T54, and then T8 in the tournament last weekend. Still, it can’t be denied that he’s a consideration here. He’s averaging 69.5 strokes per round, has made 11 of 14 cuts, has 8 top tens, and 2 wins this season. He’s only slightly behind Spieth in fantasy points per tournament. If you’re looking to save on salary, he’s a consideration, but maybe not the best choice in a tough field right now.

Rory McIlroy: McIlroy has shown us that he’s finally worthy of being ranked in the top tier this PGA Tour season, but his $11,400 salary has a lot of baggage that comes along with it. At the Open Championship, he finished an admirable T4, but in his two tourneys before that, he was cut. There are arguments that can be made that McIlroy has not found his groove yet, and while he’s going against many of the top golfers in the world, that’s not a chance you should be willing to take. But, he has made 7 of 10 cuts this season, and has a competitive average stroke count of 69.7 per round. It took him a bit to find his rhythm at the Open, but he was noticeably stronger as the tournament went on. There’s a good chance that he is back and ready to go here.

Jon Rahm: Rahm is a strong consideration here. He comes in with an unimpressive salary of $9,700, but that’s to your advantage. He is tied with Spieth for having the lowest average stroke count at 69.4, and he has similar numbers in other respects. He’s made 13 out of 15 cuts, has 8 top tens, and has won two tournaments. The number that’s keeping him separated from the top ranked golfers is the fact that he finished T44 at the Open. His other numbers indicate that this was a fluke, and we consider him one of the top ten golfers in the field. He could be a strong number two pick for your roster, especially if you are looking to shy away from the most expensive golfers in the field.

Hideki Matsuyama: Matsuyama is our candidate for number one pick here. He has been undervalued much of the season, and he’s just starting to get the recognition that he deserves. He’s priced at $10,200, and a big tournament here will ensure that this is the last time he’s priced too low. He has made 13 of 14 cuts, has 4 top ten finishes, and 2 wins. He’s right behind Spieth with fantasy points at 84.0 per tournament, and his stroke count per round stands at 69.9. In his three Majors, he has finished T11, T2 and T14, making him the most consistent golfer against the best in the world.