This weekend is the Open Championship, the third Major Championship of the PGA Tour. This is likely going to be one of the biggest daily fantasy golf events of the year, and that means that there will be a lot of people who don’t usually play fantasy golf playing. That’s good for you, because it means that strong value plays will give you a big competitive edge. Here, we go over which of those value plays will help you the most, and which golfers you should steer clear of. Take a look at our analysis below, and get ready to dominate your league this weekend.

Dustin Johnson: Johnson is the top ranked golfer in the field, according to DraftKings. His salary of $12,000 reflects this. Johnson is strong, and his stats back up the huge price tag, but because he’s so expensive, drafting him is likely going to hurt the rest of your roster. But with 9 of 12 cuts made, 7 top tens, and 2 wins to his credit, this is a price many will want to pay to include him. You can’t go wrong drafting Johnson, but in a field this competitive, his potential value is not as great as many other comparable golfers. If you choose not to draft Johnson, there are plenty of other cheaper golfers who will give you better value.

Jordan Spieth: Spieth is the next logical choice if you do not go with Johnson. He has the same stroke per round average at 69.5, has 7 top tens and 2 wins, and has made 12 of 15 cuts. He is cheaper at $11,600, and has a slightly higher average fantasy point total per tournament at 81.5. Spieth’s wins have been in slightly less prestigious fields than Johnson’s, but he is improving his game at just the right time to be a legitimate top ten threat in this field. We recommend choosing Spieth over Johnson.

Rory McIlroy: McIlroy is another interesting choice. And while he looks good on paper with his 69.8 strokes per round, 6 of 9 cuts with 4 top tens, McIlroy has struggled in bigger tournaments this season. Look at the U.S. Open as an example. He missed the cut here, as well as the last two tournaments he’s played in. McIlroy is a great golfer, and if he were playing at his best, this would be a huge deal on him. But at $11,000, he is far too expensive for what he’s shown us lately.

Sergio Garcia: Garcia is at the top of his game right now, and he is looking like a steal at $10,600. He’s made 10 out of 10 cuts, has 3 top tens, and has the highest average fantasy point total per tournament in the field at 85.9. Garcia doesn’t have the same amount of experience as Johnson or Spieth, but he’s far cheaper, and will make a great addition to your roster, giving you a lot of room to include other top ranked talent. He might be your top overall choice when it comes to value.

Justin Rose: When paired with Garcia, the one-two punch provided has the potential to destroy your fantasy golf competition. Rose is one of the most consistent golfers in the field with 12 of 14 cuts made and 5 top ten finishes. He has an average stroke count per round of 70.2, which is a little high compared to some others, but his fantasy point contribution per tournament of 74.9 more than makes up for this. Rose is priced at $10,300, which means that you can make him a number two choice on your roster (probably best paired with Garcia), and still have enough salary left over to create a strong bottom half of your roster. His hot streak of late doesn’t hurt his chances here, either. Although he was cut from the U.S. Open, he has a recent T4 finish to his credit.