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FanDuel Adds More Options for Sports Bettors in New JerseyFanDuel has just launched its sports betting page in the state of New Jersey, and we have all of the information that you need to get started with using this site. Whether you’re a longtime sports betting fan, or you are just curious to see what betting is like through FanDuel, this is a good place to get started.

If you are thinking of betting online, FanDuel looks like it might be one of the best places for you to start. However, there’s a lot of information that you’ll need to get started. Online sports betting in its current form is still in the early stages in the U.S., so before you head over to FanDuel and start betting, be sure to read over our FanDuel sports betting review. This way, you will be completely prepared for success.

New Jersey is Where it’s At – Bet Now

FanDuel is ready to take your bets if you are. Let’s see how well you can do at this sportsbook.

The Faces About the FanDuel NJ Sportsbook

First of all, New Jersey’s FanDuel page is only available if you reside in and are currently located in NJ. Others have access to the site, but you cannot place a bet unless you are located in the state. They use location tracking software to figure out where you are in order to comply with state laws and keep themselves out of trouble.

This is the first state that FanDuel has offered sports betting in. Although they have been a longtime leader in the world of daily fantasy sports, they are still new to the world of sports betting. However, earlier in 2018, FanDuel was acquired by Paddy Power Betfair, one of the powerhouses of sports betting in Europe. Based out of the UK, Betfair has been a big name in the world of online sports betting for many years. After the acquisition, most experts agreed that it would only be a matter of time before FanDuel offered betting in some capacity in the European market.

However, when changes to U.S. law came about that opened the door for online sports betting to be allowed in some states, a perfect opportunity for FanDuel to focus on the U.S. market opened up. Rather than needing to create an entirely new betting platform like its competitors needed to, FanDuel had the ability to draw from its new owner. This gave FanDuel a big competitive edge in the U.S., which we are now seeing come to fruition.

Do remember that we will likely see other DFS sites offering sports betting in New Jersey and beyond in the very near future. DraftKings also has a large audience base in the U.S., and there are many reports that they are currently developing a sports betting site. FanDuel’s product is the first to bust on the scene, though. Still, this is expected to be an exciting marketplace in the coming months.

What FanDuel SportsBook Offers?

Let’s get back to FanDuel and what they have to offer you. FanDuel is currently offering everything that you would expect from a full service sports book. To get you started they have the traditional spread, money line, and over/under bets for all major sports. That includes football, basketball, hockey, and soccer. They also are currently offering tennis, MMA, boxing, and golf betting, too.

Because they launched after the conclusion of Major League Baseball season, this is not currently listed as an offering on their site, but it’s likely that when April rolls around next year that they will offer MLB betting, too.

Other types of bets beyond the basics are also included on FanDuel’s new site. Live betting, which has become increasingly popular in the last couple years, is prominently featured on the main betting platform. As the situation of whatever even is being bet upon changes, the odds that FanDuel will offer you will change accordingly. This can be a great tool for finding strong betting opportunities, hedging bets, and finding new and exciting ways to enjoy your favorite sport.

Get Your NJ Sportsbook Bets in NowIf the main three types of bets are not quite your style, simply click on the little link below the event that you’re interested in that reads “More Wagers.” Here, you will find many other betting opportunities for you to take advantage of. They offer margin of victory bets, simplified money line and points to win parlays, single team point totals, alternative spreads, mid-game spreads and money line totals, and a huge variety of single or anytime event prop bets.

In addition to the standard betting offerings, FanDuel also has a teaser and a round robin betting option that you can use. These are found on a different betting “slip” that is visible on the righthand portion of the screen when you are in the betting platform. By choosing the different tabs on this window, you can navigate the different types of bets that you have on your ticket, and easily figure out what needs to happen for each one to be deemed a winner.

Promotions and Promo Codes at FD

Like many other sports betting and fantasy sports websites, FanDuel has several promotions going on their sports book page to help build up excitement about their new product. In the past, sports books have used signup bonuses to try and attract new customers. Although they might do this in the future, it currently doesn’t look like FanDuel is offering this. Instead, they have a few cool new types of promotions that they are offering their customers.

The big promotion at FanDuel is currently the $500 risk free bet. This is for new customers to the sportsbook only, which includes pretty much everyone since this is a brand new feature on FanDuel. The way it works is simple. Open up an account and fund it. Once you make your first bet, sit back and wait to see what happens. If the bet is a winner, awesome! If it isn’t, FanDuel will refund the amount you risked back into your account—up to $500 worth. This is not exactly free money, but it can be used in a profitable way. For example, if you would normally bet only $100 on the outcome of the game, you might be encouraged to bet $500 instead. If you win, your earnings have increased five times more than they would have otherwise. If you lose, it’s like the bet never happened.

Of course, if you’re going to use this feature, make sure that your bet is covered by the promotion before you make it. Making a larger than normal wager, and then losing it, would be detrimental to your success. Check the site to make sure that this promo is still running before you try this. If you do have any questions, get in touch with their customer service team.

How About a Little Parlay InsuranceOne of the unique promotions that FanDuel is offering is parlay and prop bet insurance. These are only offered under qualified conditions, though. For example, only qualifying bets in basketball and college football are eligible for parlay insurance. Only certain player prop bets are eligible for insurance. The insurance protection only goes up to $100 for parlays. For player prop bets, that insurance is only $50 in site credit. This might not seem like a great deal, but it is encouraging new customers to take part in bets that they might not otherwise ever use. There is a lot more risk in these types of bets and the average bettor should never use them, but if there is a protection in place, then the bet becomes a lot nicer. Also, if you are an experienced bettor, this might be a good opportunity to find a bet and maximize your potential. Because of the insurance, your expected value is going to be disproportionately higher than it normally would because of the lower risk if you are wrong in your prediction.

It’s unclear how long these promos will go for, whether or not they will be offered in other states in the future, or how long they will use promos to build up their customer base. What is clear is that if any of these promotions are going to be useful to you, they are well worth taking advantage of. There is often fine print when it comes to promos and bonus cash, so be sure that you take a look at the fine print and rules for whatever the offer is that you’re looking at. There’s nothing worse than thinking you are getting an awesome deal, only to find out that you are not unlocking it quickly enough and end up losing out on the whole thing.

Our Full Opinion of What We Can See

FanDuel offers a ton of different choices for the serious bettor; far more than any one individual will ever need to use for a profitable betting career. But the sheer amount of choice can be overwhelming for the newer bettor. The way that FanDuel has organized their betting platform has acknowledged this into the design by forcing you to click an extra link to get to the advanced betting choices. Many of the bets offered can easily be ignored at no detriment to your week-to-week betting routine. However, having the option to use these extra bets if desired is awesome. Even if they are only used once in a great while, they can act as an extra boost to your weekly numbers once in a while, especially when a weak line comes across your radar. At the very least, the huge number of bets that are offered should be perused just in case you find something that will help you to make a better positive expected value decision.

Also, a wider bonus selection would be nice to see. It makes sense that FanDuel would not offer any bonuses at all other than loyalty rewards, though. They already have a huge customer base from their daily fantasy sports business and giving away money needlessly is bad for the bottom line. However, it would be nice to see some of the ongoing free money promotions that other sites have used in the past, even if it is worked into a customer loyalty or rewards structure.

Other than this, FanDuel’s newly launched sports betting page for New Jersey looks like it stands far above current offerings that U.S. residents have when it comes to online sports betting. It will be exciting to see how this grows and what will be offered in additional states.

So, Should You Bet at FanDuel in New Jersey?

Our review of FanDuel’s newly launched sports betting service is just a start. Nothing can replace getting some experience with the site itself. If you’re interested in learning more about the site, be sure to head over to FanDuel and check it out for yourself.

Other things about FanDuel we all already know. For example, FanDuel is one of the most trusted authorities in the world when it comes to fantasy sports. They have an excellent customer service team and their banking procedures are near flawless. The site has been running for many years in the U.S. and has continuously had excellent reviews. I have personally played on the site for more than 8 years and have never had a problem with it. These things are likely to remain constants in their sports betting section.

In the past, sports betting in the U.S. has only been competitive when you are able to bet at brick and mortar locations. FanDuel is looking to change this thanks to recent changes in U.S. federal law that allow each state to choose for themselves whether or not this will be allowable. New Jersey is just the first place where this is being offered, but it is expected to grow into many other states. If you are interested in sports betting, but not a resident of New Jersey, stay tuned to find out if your state will be offering this in the near future.

As far as the current site goes, FanDuel has quickly proven that they are capable of much more than just daily fantasy sports. Although this is what they were originally well-known for, their timely addition to the sports betting marketplace might just help them to become one of the biggest players in the game. FanDuel looks like they are hopping on an exciting new offering at an early stage, and it’s the everyday sports fan that will benefit from it. New Jersey sports bettors will be happy and most likely more states will follow. Stay Tuned!