FanDuel Review

This FanDuel review Should Help YouFanDuel is the second largest daily fantasy sports (DFS) site in the U.S., second to only DraftKings. There are millions of satisfied customers that use FanDuel, and thanks to recent developments, the site is only likely to grow in popularity. If you’ve been thinking about playing at FanDuel, there are a lot of good reasons to get started. Fantasy sports help you to enjoy your favorite sports and athletes in a new way, and they can help you to have more fun, too. In fact, research shows that people who play at daily fantasy sports sites tend to increase the amount of live sports that they watch in a significant way. We hope this FanDuel Review can get you going in the right direction.

With that said, FanDuel and DFS in general isn’t always right for everyone. However, most people find that if they love sports, then FanDuel can help them to enjoy their sports viewing even more because it gives them a vested interest in the game.

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Fanduel Runs Great Promotions All the Time

As long as you make a deposit of $5 or more you will receive $10 free in  your account. Be sure to read the site for all the terms and details.


It’s always fun to start out by looking to see what this site can offer you. FanDuel has a lot of great promotions from time to time, including free roll tournaments where you can win money without ever having deposited a penny. They also have bonuses available for referring friends to their site. Don’t forget that bonuses, promotions, and the terms behind these do change over time. If you have more questions about this, see the FanDuel website for details.

FanDuel offers their players FanDuel Points (FDP) for every paid contest that’s entered. These can be traded in for exclusive contests where your earnings can potentially be increased with less risk.

There are other ways that FanDuel gives back to their players, so pay attention to the offers and promos that are listed on the site. They change from time to time and can often be quite rewarding. The best way to stay up to date with FanDuel promotions is to check in on their site frequently.


FanDuel was founded in 2009 and is currently based out of New York City. Currently, there are about 6 million people that have accounts with the site, although not all of them are active users of the site. The company owns a few other statistical and analytical companies, such as numberFire and AlphaDraft.

Get the Fanduel App on Your Mobile DeviceBeyond business acquisitions, FanDuel has a partnership with a number of high profile organizations. These include many teams from the NFL and the NBA, like the Buffalo Bills, the Green Bay Packers, The Washington Redskins, the Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Los Angeles Lakers. These partnerships have helped the company to grow and it has helped fans of these sports to enjoy the games more.

Today, FanDuel has continued to receive a good deal of recognition for its superior product. It has even won awards for the quality of its app from several different regulatory and watchdog organizations. Again, these things have helped the site to remain popular and has helped fuel its continuous growth. The company is valued at over a billion dollars.


There’s been a lot of speculation and questioning about the legality of paying to play fantasy sports like those that are offered at FanDuel. As U.S. law currently stands, daily fantasy sports are not listed as gambling, but as a game of skill. Still, some states have banned their residents from playing at FanDuel. Other states, FanDuel has voluntarily withdrawn their services from. These states include Washington, Idaho, Montana, Texas, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Mississippi, Indiana, Virginia, and Hawaii. In all, about 75 percent of the U.S. population is allowed to use FanDuel, although this is subject to change as states adapt their regulations over time.

One of the controversial story lines behind the legality of FanDuel is that this site and DraftKings had announced a few years ago that they would be merging together to form one company. This was blocked by the Federal Trade Commission because it would have created a monopoly in the DFS marketplace because the two sites together represented more than 90 percent of the business flow in this sector. This merger was blocked for monopoly reasons and not because of issues with the legality of play DFS games.

Today, DFS is more heavily regulated than ever before. Based on recent moves by the U.S. government, it is likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

What You Will Find

FanDuel allows its users to draft fantasy rosters from a number of different sports, including baseball, football, soccer, basketball (both NBA and WNBA), hockey, and PGA golf. Depending on the type of contest that you enter, there are a handful of different games that you will play. However, the way that you draft your team is dependent first on the sport that you choose. For example, when drafting a baseball roster, you cannot select a team full of pitchers, but must choose specific players to fill each position. With something like golf where there’s no specific position for each player, the drafting process is a lot different.

So Many Sporting Events to Play DFS with

As mentioned above, there are a few different game structures at FanDuel. A head to head platform is one of the most basic types. Here, there are two players in a contest. The one with the highest score wins, the other loses.

Tournaments, multipliers, and 50/50 games also exist. Depending on what type you play the strategy that you will need to employ to maximize your potential for winning will change.

Finally, you will find that within many of the games and sports, there are alternative roster choices. For example, if you’re drafting a team in a baseball league, you can choose from a full-sized roster, or a limited one. This adds a different element to the game, and it changes the strategy that you will need to employ if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of winning. We have a separate section on this page for strategy, so keep scrolling through if this is something that you’re interested in.


Great Prizes Given Out Every DayThe prizes that you can earn through the contests offered at FanDuel will vary in shape and size. Cash is the most popular prize offered at FanDuel, although the prizes won change depending on the size and type of the contest. This can be as little as a dollar, or it can be a life changing amount of money.


In daily fantasy sports, the strategy that you use plays a large role in whether or not you will be profitable over the long run. With that said, there are several different strategies that you could employ to give yourself a chance of winning.


  1. One of the most important concepts that you should be using is that of value. Value is the idea that each fantasy point that you earn comes at a price. The less that you spend per point earned, the more value that you get out of your salary. Value is of particular importance when you play in a salary cap league. In this setting, you want to draft the best possible players, but you don’t want to spend too much money while doing so—otherwise, you won’t be able to fill all of the slots on your roster. In order to compensate for this, value will help you to conserve your cash so that you can put together the strongest possible roster.
  2. Think about it this way: if you can draft two players of similar expected ability, but one is $1,000 cheaper than the other, then the cheaper player is the greater value player. With all other things being equal, then strong value is always the best way to go.


  1. Making as Many Points as PossibleThe tier strategy is one of the most effective strategies out there, especially when it comes to a sport like golf. Still, this strategy can be very effective in other sports, including position games like basketball, football, and baseball. Essentially, the objective here is to separate the players at each position into three different tiers, usually determined by price. The goal is to get top tier level players, but without spending top tier level money. This is not always easy, but it isn’t impossible, either. By looking at price and expected fantasy point output—which is listed for each athlete at FanDuel—you can give yourself a quick advantage when it comes to a tier approach.
  2. It’s worth noting that the tier system lends itself well for finding strong players at a cheap price. You’ll probably recognize that this is just another application of value, which we mentioned above. When you combine these two strategies, the potential for success can go up even greater.


  1. Looking at matchups can help you to determine between two very similar players. Think about it like this: if there are two players of similar price and talent, yet one is going up against a really strong team, the player going against the weaker team is likely to have a higher ceiling for potential.
  2. A matchup strategy might even turn out to help you find a strong player that you might not have otherwise thought about. For example, if you know that the Buffalo Bills have an extraordinary defense against the running game, then you will not want to go with a running back paired against the Bills, even if he has the best stats so far that season. Instead, going with a weaker RB that’s paired against the worst defense in the league will help you to maximize your potential for points, all while likely saving some money when it comes to budget.

Don’t forget that value, tiers, or any other fantasy strategy are just tools to accomplish a goal. Your goal is to score the most points possible so that you can win your league. Using these tools and strategy correctly will enable you to better do so.

As you might have suspected, there’s a lot more to DFS strategy than what we can go into here. We have a whole host of resources available when it comes to strategy, so feel free to check them out if you want to maximize your potential for winning your league.

The Future of FanDuel

Recently, FanDuel announced a merger with the UK based sports betting platform Betfair. Thanks to a recent change in U.S. law that will allow each state to independently determine whether or not sports betting will be legal, FanDuel is in a really good spot right now. It means that the company is probably not going anywhere and that it’s legality is far more protected today than it ever has been. In fact, we know that FanDuel is going to start offering sports betting in the near future. Their partnership with Betfair has helped them to jumpstart this process, and because of their foothold in the UK, they have a much better chance of global growth right now than they ever have. This is an exciting time to be playing at FanDuel.

What should you expect from FanDuel? We can expect it to keep growing, and we can expect it to start offering new contests and games. As sports betting is rolled out on the site, there might even be some sort of overlap between DFS and betting, although it’s not quite clear how this will look. The bottom line is that the site is in a strong position right now, and that’s not likely to change any time soon. You can also compare the major competitor on our FD vs. DK page. This will break down some of the differences.

Get Started with FanDuel

Setting up an account at FanDuel is really easy. You will need to give an email address and your home address so that the site can ensure that you live in an area where fantasy sports are allowed. You are not required to make a deposit at the site because they do offer free contests, but it is after you have registered for an account that you can make your first deposit. Depending on how you sign up for the site, you may even be eligible for a deposit bonus. These are also occasionally available through promotions on the site, so stay tuned to what’s going on for a chance to increase your available funds.

FanDuel has a great product, and it’s also a lot of fun to use their site. The platform is very user friendly and it continues to improve as technology grows in strength. If you are interested in play fantasy sports, then this site is very much worth checking out. We really hope this updated FanDuel review will help you when making a decision when playing daily fantasy sports.