Who Do We Think is the Best Daily Fantasy Site

Be sure to read the whole page and make the right decision for yourself.

What makes a good daily fantasy sports site? For you, it’s the ability to make money playing there. There are a lot of little things that go into this, and that makes the above statement over simplistic. Let’s break it down a little bit into the individual parts so you can see what exactly to look for when choosing a site.

Here are our Top 5 things to look for when choosing a Fantasy site.

1. Size of the Site

The three biggest fantasy league sites right now, in order from largest to smallest, are:

It’s not entirely clear what the numbers of players are at each site, but by looking at the leagues offered on each site, it’s pretty obvious which sites are bigger than others. These three sites control the vast majority of the daily fantasy league market and are worth several billion dollars between the three of them.



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1. Original DFS Site
2. Great Customer Service
3. Plenty of Different Sports
4. Deposit Methods
5. FanDuel Sportsbook
6. Big Company Backing

They are so popular for a good reason, but does that reason necessarily apply to you? Sometimes the big sites are the best for most, but depending upon what you are looking for, they might not be quite right for you. Each of these three sites has a slightly different scoring system, they offer slightly different sports in their selection, and they have different draft formats.

You can read our Draftkings vs. Fanduel theory right here.

The main draw of big sites is that they tend to have more recreational players, and that means that the lower levels of play should be easier to beat. In this respect, if you are interested in applying your knowledge of fantasy sports to the lower risk levels and grinding it out over the long run, you stand a better chance of being successful at the bigger sites than at smaller ones.

One other consideration is the fact that huge sites have huge payouts in their bigger tournaments thanks to their superior numbers. If you like the idea of paying $1 to enter a contest, and then winning thousands as a result, the bigger the better.

2. Plenty of Sports Offered

So Many Sports to Choose FromAll three of the above referenced sites offer the big four sports: Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey. After that, things get a little trickier. First, remember that at least one of these sports is in season the entire year. If you play just these four sports, you will never be wanting for fantasy action.

If you like playing other sports, too, things can get a bit more specialized. For example, daily PGA leagues are offered at DraftKings, and FanDuel. MMA leagues are offered at DraftKings, but not FanDuel. And none of these sites offer tennis leagues yet. DraftKings also has soccer and NASCAR leagues. If you are looking for one of the smaller sports, your choice will actually be a lot easier just because there are fewer choices out there. That’s not an awful thing, and if you are going with a sport that’s just offered at one site, the size principle doesn’t apply. There will be more recreational player there, even if it’s a smaller site, simply because they have nowhere else to play.

3. Who Has the Big Bonuses

Get the Big PrizeA lot of sites have bonuses to try and entice new players to sign up. Only a few have worthwhile bonuses, and these are the ones you should be looking at. Remember that every bonus needs to be unlocked before you can withdraw it and keep it for your own. You can’t just make a deposit, get free money, and then take your money out again with the bonus attached. You need to spend some time on the site and earn it first.

The standard industry rate of unlocking your bonus is 4% of what you spend on a tournament, minus entry fees. So, if you are entering a $25 tournament, $1 will be released to your account. To get all of a $100 bonus, you would need to enter $2,500 worth of contests. If it is harder to get at your bonus money than this, the site is not worth the effort in this regard. Of course, the bonus isn’t the only thing you should be looking at, but it is a nice way to give yourself a few extra dollars. If you’re already going to choose a site, you should be attempting to get the biggest welcome bonus possible. Also, ensure that you are using the best promo code that you can get before you sign up.

4. Is the Site Reliable?

This is a big one, but not if you stick to our list. These sites are based in the U.S., are legal. They’ve been around for long enough for us to know that there is absolutely no chance that they will disappear overnight with your money.
In it to Win it
However, there are some scam sites out there. Beware of them if you must venture off of our list to find what you are looking for. You work hard for your money, and there is no point in putting it at risk before you even get to enjoy the excitement of drafting your team. Do your own independent research and be smart about what you do. It’s like this with anything on the internet, really, and this is something that you can completely prevent if you stop and think before acting.

5. All Kinds of Tournaments Offered

This is where things start to get specific. Certain tournaments are harder to win than others. As a general rule, you want to find the level of play and the type of play where you can win the most money. But this is much easier said than done. Some daily leagues are small, even as small as head to head leagues where you are competing against just one other player. Others are much bigger with thousands of entrants. Some people enjoy the grind of playing in lots of little leagues and moving up in your winnings slowly. Others enjoy the hard to win tourneys, but with the knowledge that when they do well, they will get a huge amount of cash returned to them. And then there are the multipliers where you can earn 2x, 5x, or something else what you paid to enter. There are tons of choices, just spend some time looking at the rules, the payout structures, and any other stipulations that could influence your final standings. The better prepared you are, the better your chances of finishing in the money become. This will also be influenced by the size of the site. Remember, the bigger the site, the more potential there is for big earnings.

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