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Playing fantasy sports is exciting and a lot of fun, but the obvious downside is that it takes an entire season to find out who the winner of your league is. This can take six months or more, depending upon your sport of choice. Over the last few years, though, something much more convenient has popped up with the creation of daily fantasy leagues. These one day leagues are much like their season long counterparts, but instead of compiling information for an extended period of time, they rely on just a single day’s worth of stats. They keep the same sense of excitement, skill, and anticipation, but they give you quicker results and daily payouts if you choose to play for money. Not only does this allow you to play a more active role in your fantasy sports life, but it allows you to multiply your winnings on a very big scale.



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How to Get Started?

There are several reputable short term fantasy league websites out there. A few of these include FanDuel (, DraftKings (, and a new player named DraftDay. All of these sites have proven that they are high quality, have huge fan bases, and have a lot of options for you to customize your fantasy experience.

Once you create an account, you have the choice of playing right away for free, or funding your account and playing real cash games. When you have an account, getting cash into it is easy since you can do so instantly with a credit card.

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What to Play?

These daily fantasy sites cover all of the major sports. You can find all of the Big Four during their respective regular seasons. These include baseball, football (NFL), basketball, and hockey. Depending on the site and the time of year, you can sometimes find other sports, like PGA golf or even NCAA sports like football and basketball. The good thing about this is that you can control all of your active contests all from the same site. Some of the major season long league sites have this ability, and it is a convenient thing. When you need to manage these things on a daily basis, the convenience is amplified.

Getting Involved

NFL Lineup for the WeekTo play, you just pick a sport and build a team. The sites usually have different levels of play, ranging from free up to several hundred dollars or more per event. Most of the contests that you will be entering will be for a single game day, although a select few will be spread out over a few days or even a week. Pick the one that you want, and then create your roster. You will find that there are a few different types of “drafting” available. Some are salary cap based, while others can be specialized depending upon the sport.

I guess our players are just too good. Which ever you choose, it might take a few tries before you get the hang of it. For example, when you are in the midst of a salary cap draft, you will find that superstars are expensive to draft. If you have $10,000 to create a three-man NBA team, you might find that LeBron James will cost you $8,000 to acquire. That leaves you very little to form the rest of your team. Make sure you know the rules of the game you’re in since having a superstar like James might seem helpful, but if you are penalized for poor playing, all of the benefits of a decent night by James could be offset when your other two players perform dismally.

Special Offers

Like many other sites of a similar nature, you will sometimes find special deals or offers to take advantage of. Some sites will even give out prize to those that play in free contests if you get enough points. You might even be able to join a rewards program or something similar that will give you perks for playing often.

The best thing to look out for is a cash bonus. You’ll find that each site does these a little differently. Some will give you cash as you accumulate points that can be either withdrawn as a check or applied to more contests. Some will give you contest entry vouchers only, and others will give you bonuses based upon how much you deposit after account confirmation. Read the fine print on the terms page before you make your first deposit in order to figure out which of these your site does so you can get the best deals possible.

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If you like fantasy sports, it’s realistic to expect that you will love daily fantasy sports. They offer faster results, and they cut down a lot on the commitment you need to make. You no longer need to monitor your roster every day or week, but only on the days you feel like playing. It’s a lot of fun, and although it is more luck based than season long leagues, the enjoyment is exactly the same.

Playing One Week Fantasy Leagues