We try and help you find players many DFS opponents won’t really think about. This week we will be a little tougher since we are facing a new normal after the results of week one.

It’s crazy to say that we are in Week Two already. Who knows how fast this season will go. Let’s take it one week at a time and have some fun.

Last week we made some nice picks. Allen Lazard was used in the winners million-dollar tournament team at DraftKings. He ended up with 18.20 points for that cheap price. We will do our best to find you another cheap player for a pivotal position.

Listed below are the players we think could help your DFS lineup for week two. We use Draftkings for our salary numbers so be sure to work that in when making your picks.


We went an interesting route last week when we picked the best QB. This week we will have to do a little more digging so you have the right quarterback for your squad. Although AAron Rodgers looks tempting for the price, we will not be selecting him due to a back to back flop potential.

Matt Ryan – $6,600

Matty Ice appears to still have it. Although he is only $300 less than Rodgers, he’s going against a battered up Dallas team. On the road, may keep others from using him. Think about him when it comes to that extra few hundred.

Matthew Stafford – $6,200

Stafford has the potential to put up some points in Green Bay this week. The Packers won last week with a lot of points, so this could be another shootout event. For the price of $6200 you could find a nice option here.

Running Backs

There were a lot of running backs that showed up last week. Will those same RB’s show up again and how much will it cost you. We’ll do our best to find the ones that aren’t going to crush the salary cap.

Ronald Jones II – $5,200

You’re one breakout run away from a big game from Ronald. You have to consider him going against the Carolina Panthers. Brady has to be pissed about last week, so look for them to put the pedal down a bit.

Boston Scott – $5,000

The Eagles decided not to run the ball last week and they paid dearly. You would think this week they will try to mix a little more running into the mix. Although the line took some beatings, see if some of those guys come back and play for week two. The price is pretty good.

Wide Receivers

One of the hardest positions to fill with so many options. You have to look a bit deeper than you would think to find that sleeper.

Kendrick Bourne – $4,900

The price on Kendrick will jump off the page at you. With George Kittle hurting a bit, Bourne looks like the next man up. He did tie for the most targets last week and now he has the pretty bad Jets team to go against. Consider him for the price.

Marquise Brown – $6,200

Although not super cheap, Brown will play against the Texans with a hot QB in Lamar Jackson. Take the hot quarterbacks and look for the receivers on the other end. This is your chance to get a mid-range potential player in your line up.

Tight End

Hunter Henry – $5,100

There are some obvious players here you would want to start. However, a matchup with high scoring potential is what it’s all about. 8 targets last week for Henry is big. Be sure to consider him this week.

You face the challenge of putting a team together that won’t suck. Let us help you find a couple of players to consider. This week should prove interesting. Have fun and good luck.