We did have a tough run of players last week. There was some potential, but nothing really took off the way we wanted them to. Other than Trubisky, all the other players produced something. Anyway, we can’t dwell on the past.

Let’s get into week four action. We already have a postponement game due to COVID. It appears the Titans vs. Steelers game will take place next week. Monitor the situation on your DFS site, so you don’t get left out taking players you shouldn’t.

Also, remember these players are all based on the DraftKings salary cap rules, so be sure to adjust for your site.


We took a chance on one guy and actually got production on another last week. This week we’ll look for a couple of guys slated to light it up.

Ryan Fitzpatrick – $5,400

Here is a quarterback that may be coming into his final year going against a Seattle team that likes to give up points. We have Seattle traveling all the way to Miami coming off a close game and due for a pullback. Ryan Fitzpatrick has a chance to get a nice win for the Dolphins. Keep him on your radar for a surprise gift.

Drew Brees – $5,800

It’s time for Drew to step up. Here is his chance against the Lions. The Lions have a little momentum, but that won’t stop Brees from tossing the rock. For the price, you have to consider Brees here.

Running Backs

Darrell Henderson Jr. – $5,800

Henderson is coming off a pretty big game last week and he has the chance to produce again. Going against the New York Giants should give him some extra carries and possibly a goal-line score. He’s one of our favorites this week.

Latavius Murray – $4,900

You can count on Murray to get in the mix each week. The Saints don’t want to load up on Kamara and need Murray to make the gains. He is also a great short-yardage guy should they get down near the endzone. Playing against Detroit will also help his chances.

Wide Receivers

We try to find that one that will stand out for less each week. We’ve made some decent calls here, but this week we will have to dig in a bit.

Will Fuller V – $5,900

You have to expect Will Fuller to get his hands dirty this week. Houston will look to bounce back and Fuller is the man with the big-play potential. This could be the WR play of the week against a Vikings team that likes to give up points.

Odell Beckham Jr. – $5,800

Remember when Odell was on top of the charts. Now he fits right in the middle playing on the Cleveland Browns. He still wants to produce and this weekend he just might. He will get the targets and loves going against Dallas. You have to put him in at this price.

Tight End

We didn’t do to bad with our selection at tight end last week. Kyle had a decent game and caught a TD. This week we may spend a few more bucks. A solid tight end could be the difference-maker.

Darren Walker – $5,200

Darren seems healthy enough to give it a go this weekend. The Raiders need to go back to him to get their mojo back. He has the potential for a lot of targets so be ready for some action.

It should be another great week in daily fantasy. Be sure to get your picks in time and get into as many contests as you can to beat the odds.