We definitely made up for the previous week with some really nice picks. Odell and Will Fuller definitely put you in the money if you had the. Our Tight End was also a nice pick with the Raiders. Darren Walker grabbed 9 balls for 88 yards on 12 targets. He’s one to suit up for sure.

This week we’ll try to continue our streak and find those players that are on the cheap. Each week gets a little bit harder, but we shall find some diamonds for you.

Remember, we use Draftkings salary cap system so adjust the picks based on the platform you use.


Philip Rivers – $5,800

Week five is the time for Rivers to make his appearance. He’s had four games under his belt and they were all mediocre at best. No wonder his price is only $5,800. We like him going against a tired Cleveland Browns team that likes to score and give up points. The Browns is a whole different conversation, but look for Rivers to air the ball a lot in week 5.

Tedd Bridgewater – $6,000

Teddy may have found a nice home in Carolina and his stats have shown a lot of progress. He’s now in a trusted position where he will air the ball out even more. The nice thing is you can always count on his legs to get you some points as well. We think he’s one of our favorites in week 5 against Atlanta.

Running Backs

Mike Davis – $6,400

Mike Davis is starting to get some reps and not only that he is getting some points. I would like to see him for one more game, but you almost have to start him going against Atlanta. Although we have Teddy in the QB spot, you may want to select one of these if cap space is an issue.

Todd Gurley II – $5,700

On the other side of the ball is Todd Gurley. He’s another guy who may have found their legs. It’s a great matchup with Atlanta needing a win. Look for Todd to help carry the Falcons to their first victory.

Wide Receivers

Diontae Johnson – $5,600

The price is so good on Johnson. Pittsburgh is itching for a game after their game got postponed. We will see some juicy numbers for Diontae going against the Philadelphia Eagles. Ben should be able to distribute the ball with ease.

T.Y. Hilton – $4,900

T.Y. has definitely fallen off of the football map. Now is his chance, just like Philip Rivers to get his groove back. He is getting some action, but it’s not like Luck is throwing him the ball. This is the week see Hilton has his best performance.

Tight End

Evan Engram – $4,600

There are two reasons we like Evan in this spot. One, he is going against Dallas and the other is because he is going against Dallas. Evan is getting the targets as of late, but isn’t getting a lot of yards. Look for him to get the catch in the endzone this week.

It should be another interesting week in the NFL. Remember, you need to take some chances if you not only want to get in the money but if you want to make a deep run. One of these guys could be the answer you are looking for. We’ll be back next week with some more picks as well. Also, be sure to check out Draftkings for the best platform out there.