The NFL finished it’s 2019 season just in time. They didn’t have to face any of the major hurdles as other leagues did, until now. We are looking at an interesting time of football and this one could be one of those seasons where you just watch and don’t really care. However, should the game go on, there will be some DFS plays to be made on a weekly basis.

Besides new rules being put in place, we also have all kinds of health rules being in place as well. Teams are still wondering what to expect as we move forward into the first week.

Will there be fans this year? This is a huge factor when it comes to sports and even bigger with football. Missing out on huge packed stadiums will make the games seem like a scrimmage on TV. Although people will still be happy football is back since they can bet or play DFS, it still won’t have the same feel.

Based on other leagues playing right now, it has definitely taken a lot of interest away from a fan’s perspective. I guess we’ll have to suck it up and look for some plays each week. That’s all we can really do.

As soon as we have our picks ready for next week we’ll let you know. Here is to an active 2020 season and the hope it pushes forward.

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