Week one of the playoffs is finally here! There are a few surprises that occurred in the last couple weeks of the regular season and there are a handful of teams that were not expected to make the playoffs that are definitely playing this weekend. These surprises are a good thing for the observant daily fantasy football fan because the players can be evaluated thoroughly if you use the right tools. Here, we look at the concept of value to help you form your fantasy football roster. Our goal is to help you think about a few of the top ranked players from a different perspective so that you can draft the best team possible.


Jared Goff: Goff comes in ranked as the number one QB slated to play this weekend. With some teams having a bye-week, this is not a surprise. Goff has averaged 18.7 fantasy points per game this season, and has improved as the year’s gone on. Also, the Los Angeles Rams have a nice edge here because the Atlanta Falcons have not been that effective against stopping QB points this season. They are ranked #25 overall, which is a hint that Goff’s 18.7 points is likely to be a bit higher than how he actually performs. Goff has thrown 28 TDs this season for a total of 3,804 yards. The postseason is hard to predict statistic-wise, but Goff has good momentum and an ideal situation going into this game. Goff’s price tag of $6,700 is expensive, but for a cost of just $358 per point, he’s on the lower end compared to other positions.

Cam Newton: Newton has performed at a higher level than Goff on a consistent basis when it comes to fantasy points, averaging 20.2 points per game. However, Newton has only thrown 22 TDs for a total of 3,302 yards, putting him well behind Goff. Newton’s points come from the fact that he can run the ball, and we should expect to see him do just that against the New Orleans Saints. The Saints have been effective at limiting QB fantasy points, though. They’re ranked #12 in the NFL, which will likely hurt Newton. Newton does has experience on his side, but that is not likely to be enough to give him the edge here. Newton is priced at $6,500, giving him a cost of $321 per point, but in reality, his value will likely not be anywhere near this point.

QB Start: Goff

QB Sit: Newton

Wide Receiver

Michael Thomas: Thomas is ranked number two at WR this weekend, behind the questionable Julio Jones. Thomas has averaged 16.5 points per game this season with 5 TDs and just over 77 yards per game. His price tag of $7,800 is a bit higher than you would normally want to spend for a player of this caliber, but Thomas is in a great position here. The Carolina Panthers have a weaker defense against the pass being ranked #28 in the NFL, and Thomas will probably see more targets than normal, especially as the Saints are in a do or die situation this weekend. Yes, his projected cost of $472 per point is pretty high, but the Saints are in a position where Thomas will be used a bit more than normal, which should elevate his value.

Tyreek Hill: Hill has averaged 17.2 fantasy points per game this season. With a price tag of just $6,800, he’s automatically looking like a better value than Thomas. His cost per point stands at just $395, which is a huge difference in his favor. Hill has 7 TDs and has averaged over 78 yards per game this season, too. Hill’s weakness is the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs play the Tennessee Titans this weekend, who are ranked #19 in the NFL against WRs. This should not be enough to upset his advantage over Thomas, making him our value pick here.

WR Start: Hill

WR Sit: Thomas