UFC 193 is this weekend, and the headline fight is definitely the Ronda Rousey fight. Still, there are many other fights on the card, and from a daily fantasy MMA perspective, there are a lot of opportunities to gain good value, and even make some money playing in a tournament or two over the weekend. Here, we will break down a few of our top value picks for the card, and let you know why we stand behind them.

Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm

There’s no doubt about Rousey’s talent. She’s 12-0, and has never so much as struggled in a fight. Holm is also undefeated at 9-0, but if you break down the stats, Rousey still has a big edge. Holm has an inch on her and a longer reach, but Rousey has a higher accuracy rating for landing hits and wins many more fights by submission. Rousey is the clear choice here, and the only drawback to her is that she’s expensive. DraftKings has her listed at $11,400, which is very high. However, she’s the overwhelming favorite, and is very likely to score a lot of fantasy points. She’s expensive, but she also has a great chance of living up to that price tag. If you do decide to draft Rousey, be sure to find good value in every single one of your other picks. Also, remember that picking an expensive fighter is still a good idea if they promise to return a lot of points. You have that here.
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Uriah Hall vs. Robert Whittaker

Honestly, this fight could go either way. Both look pretty equal on paper, although Hall is a slight favorite. He’s priced at $9,800, compared to Whittaker’s $9,600. Because the fight’s so close, this is a good fight to go with a favorite and still save money. Even if you choose Whittaker for this fight, though, you’re not going to be losing much in terms of prospective points, though, and the extra $200 in salary that you save by drafting him may come in useful somewhere else. Hall’s a slightly better choice just because his one recent loss was because of a decision, but either are going to have a good shot of winning. If you use this fight, pick Hall, unless you absolutely need the extra salary for somewhere else.

Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Silva

Silva is the clear choice here, which doesn’t sound right because Hunt is the favorite. But, look at Hunt’s record. He’s lost his last two major fights, where Silva won his most recent fight in the second right by a KO. These two fighters did go up against each other in 2013, but the fight ended in a draw. Silva has had a better record since then, and he has the height and the reach advantage. The odds makers might not like Silva, but with his cheap price at just $8,900, he’s a great value pick. On the other hand, Hunt is far too expensive at $10,500 without a big enough advantage to make him even close to worth the price. Either pick Silva for this fight, or pass over it altogether.

Gian Villante vs. Anthony Perosh

As far as record goes, both fighters in this one are pretty similar. The handicappers tend to like Villante, but Perosh seems like a better value pick. Perosh is cheap at $8,500, but he has a drastically better hits landed per minute rate than Villante, he has a better defensive rating, and a higher accuracy percentage when it comes to landed blows. There’s far more potential for him to do damage than Villante has, and that immediately makes Perosh a fighter to consider for this card. Villante has lost two of his last four fights, while Perosh has done the same. However, if you look at average fantasy points scored per fight, Perosh has the edge. He’s averaging 52.9 compared to Villante’s 51.8. He’s cheap, has a good shot of winning, and there’s no better combination than those two things.

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