The regular NFL season is drawing to a close, and the matchups are becoming more and more exciting as a result of this. We are also finding that more people are playing daily fantasy football at this time of year, too. That can be a good thing to an experienced fantasy manager, especially if you have strong analysis skills working for you. Hopefully, our write up here can be of help. We’ve looked at some of the top ranked players scheduled to play on Sunday, and we’ve put together some value analysis of our own to help you out. So whether you’ve been winning with consistency this season, or you’ve been struggling, hopefully this will help to point you in the right direction and help you earn a bit more money in the process.


Tom Brady: Brady is the most expensive QB in the field for Sunday’s slate of games with a price tag of $7,600. He’s averaged 21.2 fantasy points per game, and he’s been one of the most consistent players in the NFL year after year. His projected cost per point on Sunday is $358, which is very competitive. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Brady is the best choice. Brady and the Patriots take on the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend in one of the most exciting matchups of the year. The Steelers are a decent team, and they are ranked #15 in terms of allowing quarterbacks to score fantasy points. That’s right in the middle of the league, indicating that we should expect Brady to have an average performance on Sunday.

Ben Roethlisberger: It’s easy to see Big Ben as an odd selection here because the Steelers play the Patriots, and the Pats have been a dominant force this year. However, it is the offense that has been strong in New England, and not the defense. In fact, the Patriot defense is ranked only #29 in the NFL when it comes to limiting QB fantasy points. That puts Roethlisberger in a very nice spot. He has a price tag of $6,700 and he’s averaging 19.4 points per game, for an average of $345 per point. He’s already a slightly better value than Brady, and he’s in a position where he could go well above that average. In this instance, even though Roethlisberger is not quite as strong overall in comparison to Brady, he’s a stronger fantasy pick this week.

QB Start: Roethlisberger

QB Sit: Brady

Running Back

Christian McCaffrey: McCaffrey is not a top ranked RB going into this weekend. DraftKings has him ranked at number ten of the available RBs with a price tag of $6,000. He has average 14.5 points per game, which is decent, but not the best by far. His cost per point stands at $413, which is actually a bit higher than we’d like to see in this slot. McCaffrey’s strong point, though, is the fact that the Panthers are taking on the Green Bay Packers, who have struggled from a fantasy point of view against the rush. They’re ranked #28 in the NFL, which gives McCaffrey quite a high ceiling. That means his value is actually a lot higher than it currently appears on paper, making him a surprisingly good pick here, especially if you want to strengthen other aspects of your roster.

Le’Veon Bell: Bell is the number one ranked RB this weekend. He has the biggest price tag of any RB at $9,300, and he’s been averaging 23.6 points per game. He is up against a decent defense when it comes to blocking the rush; the Patriots have the #14 defense in the NFL when it comes to limiting RBs. However, Bell’s a strong player regardless of the circumstances. He has a cost per point of $394, which is surprisingly good considering the fact that he has 9 TDs and has dominated the competition with so much ease. However, we shouldn’t expect much more than those 23 to 24 points this weekend, which limits his usefulness in some cases.

RB Start: McCaffery

RB Sit: Bell