This weekend marks another weekend of NFL action. As you get ready to draft your daily fantasy football team, be sure to look over our analysis. We’ve examined a handful of the top players at each position, and we’ve hand selected some of the closer matchups to help you make the right choice in some of the toughest calls that you will need to make as a fantasy manager. So, whether you’ve done a great job in fantasy football this year, or you’ve struggled, hopefully this will help you to make the strongest team possible heading into the weekend.


Tom Brady: Brady is having a great season. He’s thrown 3,146 yards so far this year, and has 22 touchdowns. His salary of $7,700 is well justified considering these facts. He’s the most expensive QB in the field this week, and has just 2 interceptions. He’s tactical, doesn’t run as much as a lot of other QBs, and is one of the most consistent players in all of the NFL. He’s averaging 23.3 yards per game, for a total cost of $330.47 per point. Even if you didn’t take into account the fact that there are better value QBs out there this weekend, Brady has a big disadvantage going against him. The Patriots are going against the Miami Dolphins this Sunday, who are ranked #18 in the field against the passing game. That means that although Brady will likely do well, his ceiling is not much higher than the 23.3 points that he’s slated at.

Russell Wilson: Wilson has a few tiny advantages over Brady this weekend. For one, Wilson is cheaper at $7,000. That might not be a huge difference, but every penny matters, especially at this late stage in the season. Also, Wilson has a slightly higher fantasy point per game average. He currently stands at 25.0, giving him a value of $$280 per point. For a top tier QB, that’s almost a steal. Finally, Wilson is going up against a weaker opposition this weekend. The Seahawks take on the number 26 ranked San Francisco 49ers, giving Wilson a big opportunity to go above and beyond that 25.0 points per game. In fact, with their weaker passing defense, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if Wilson went above 30 points here.

QB Start: Wilson

QB Sit: Brady

Running Back

Todd Gurley: Gurley is the number one ranked RB in the field. He’s priced at $8,800 and has averaged 23.6 fantasy points per game. That’s a value of $372.88 per point. That is a bit high, even at RB, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The point of drafting a roster is to put up as many points possible, and it’s not always bad to pay for those points. Gurley and the Rams are going up against the New Orleans Saints, who are ranked at #15 in the NFL against the rush, which means Gurley is very likely to be right around that’s expected from him. He’s not a bad choice, but it really depends on what the rest of your roster looks like and whether or not he is affordable.

Kareem Hunt: Hunt has comparable statistics to Gurley, but is averaging slightly less in terms of fantasy points at 20.3 points per game. His price tag, as a result of this is much lower than Gurley’s at $8,000. That’s a value of $394.09 per point, which is a bit higher than Gurley’s, which would normally be enough to have us stay away from him. However, the Chiefs go up against the Buffalo Bills this weekend, and they are ranked #31 in the NFL against the rush right now. Hunt might be pricey, but he’s in a position where he’s likely to be a lot more effective than expected. That drives his price per point way down, making him far more valuable than he looks like at first glance. If you’re looking to get a first tier RB for a discount, he’s the way to go.

RB Start: Hunt

RB Sit: Gurley