The Toronto Blue Jays just won their fourth game in a row. On the surface, that’s not a big deal. The typical streak usually can go 8 or more games before it starts becoming impressive. But the Blue Jays are a different kind of team right now. They have just come off of some big moves toward the end of the trade deadline and their team is almost completely restructured from what it looked like a week and a half ago. They have been in the running for the AL Wild Card slot, and one of the teams that they’ve been dominating–the Minnesota Twins–is in that talk, too.

The two big acquisitions for the Jays were David Price and Troy Tulowitzki. Since picking up Tulowitzki, the Jays have been 7-0. It’s clear that something has changed on the team, and whether it’s better talent (which is there, but hasn’t had time to truly shine through yet), or just a nice little peak in morale doesn’t matter. This is an improved team. And right now, Tulo might be one of the best shortstops to put on you daily fantasy baseball roster.

With your other daily fantasy baseball picks, you need to be aware of things like this. Jose Bautista for Toronto was already a power hitter before the moves were made, but an increase in motivation is clearly working for him. A grand slam last night helped him be one of the top fantasy point contributors in all of MLB. His season is just hitting a second wind, and because outfielders are usually at a premium right now, he is one of the top players you should be considering in your three slots here. Bryce Harper and Mike Trout are the other top talents, but their price tags may often not fit in with the rest of your roster. Either way, these are all great fantasy sports picks.

At third base, some other players to consider for your fantasy roster include Miguel Cabrera and Josh Donaldson. Cabrera is underperforming this year in power with only 15 homeruns, but his average of .350 is incredible and leads the AL. He has missed a lot of games this year, though, which explains his low homers number, but if he can stay healthy, he is a top contender for the rest of the season. He’s expected to be back playing full time in about a week. What the top fantasy sites will do with his salary will be interesting to watch, but if you can get a good discount on him when he returns, look for it. Donaldson, who is a part of that explosion going on in Toronto right now, is a good choice in the meantime. He has a lower batting average at just .292, but is the top homerun hitter at third base in the AL with 29. He’s not the best hitter in all of Canada, but at his position, he is a standout. Third basemen are usually cheap, but Donaldson will produce to help you get your best fantasy roster possible. His OPS number is also pretty high at .924, which is promising. One last consideration at third base is the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez. He’s the guy everyone loves to hate, but he’s having a great year, regardless of your feelings for him. He has 24 homeruns, an average of .278, and an OPS of .917. He’s producing numbers this year, New York is leading the AL East, and he has a chip on shoulder about proving himself. He’s older, but that’s not a huge consideration this year in his case.

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