This weekend’s NFL action promises to be very exciting, especially as playoff races are still being decided. This will undoubtedly bring a lot of new people to the daily fantasy football leagues, which could make things more enticing for you—but only if you have put together a strong roster. Here, we go over a couple of the top players at the more popular positions. If you’re looking for some ideas of how to improve your roster, be sure to read over our analysis to help yourself get an edge over the competition.


Carson Wentz: Wentz is averaging 23.0 fantasy points per game this season, making him the number one choice for Sunday’s lineup of games. He is priced at DraftKings with a salary of $7,100, which also makes him the most expensive QB in the field. That’s a cost of $308 per point, which is a big value for a top ranked QB, at least on the surface. The problem with Wentz is that this average will come down this week as the Eagles are playing the Los Angeles Rams this weekend. The Rams are currently ranked at #4 in the NFL when it comes to limiting QB fantasy points. While Wentz seems like a good pick, he’s a bit overpriced when you take this factor into account.

Philip Rivers: Rivers is a bit behind Wentz in terms of expected fantasy points. Rivers stands at an average of 18.2 points per game. With his salary at $6,800, that’s a cost of $373 per point. Where things get complicated in choosing a QB is when you consider the opposing teams. The Chargers go up against the Washington Redskins this weekend, who are ranked #26 in the NFL against the passing game. Rivers has averaged 18.2 points per game, but it’s likely that he will be well up over 20 to 22 points here. That brings his value way up, and makes a much stronger case for you to draft him.

QB Start: Rivers

QB Sit: Wentz

Wide Receiver

Keenan Allen: By all accounts, Allen looks like an easy top pick for Sunday. He has averaged 18.8 fantasy points per game and has a salary of just $8,300. He’s ranked #2 in salary for WRs, but is a bit cheaper than the #1 pick. Plus, he’s significantly ahead of the #3 pick by most measures. However, even though he has a value of $441 per point, not everything is great with Allen. His Chargers go against the Redskins, who have been surprisingly strong against limiting WRs. However, they have been weak against limiting QBs from scoring points, which could be to Allen’s advantage. This is a tough call, so it really depends on whether you want to take a risk on Allen or not. Personally, we’d rather go with a more certain choice, especially if there’s a higher value pick of comparable statistics out there.

Adam Thielen: Of WRs scheduled to play on Sunday, Thielen is ranked #4, according to DraftKings. His salary of $7,200 is not that high, and he’s not likely to draw much attention at this slot. So, why are we mentioning him? Thielen has averaged 17.2 fantasy points per game this season, which gives him a value of $418 per point, which isn’t that impressive, until you consider the fact that he’s in a position to thrive this weekend. The Minnesota Vikings take on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, and Thielen is likely to be heavily used as the Panthers are ranked at just #26 against the pass. This puts Thielen in a position where his point ceiling is much higher than any other player in the top tier of WRs, and gives him far more value than what the statistics reveal. Also, he is already starting out at a better value than picks like Allen stand at this weekend. That’s more than enough to convince us.

WR Start: Thielen

WR Sit: Allen