Saturday, March 26th, is a busy day in the NHL. There are 14 games scheduled, making it not only an exciting night as the season winds down and teams fight for playoff berths, but a tough night when it comes to decision making for your daily fantasy hockey roster as strong as possible. Here is our analysis to help you get a jump start and secure that edge you’re looking for over your competition.

Play Making Centers

John Tavares of the New York Islanders is one of the top choices at center, but his price tag might be a little bit too much for some people. 26 goals and 30 assists is a pretty strong showing at this position, though, and it’s very unlikely that you will find someone with better fantasy potential at a lower price. Depending on your league, you may be able to get Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins for cheaper, and if you can, you definitely should. He is currently outperforming Tavares in some fantasy leagues, and is typically going to be a bit cheaper. He has posted 28 goals and 33 assists at this point in the season, so he is the superior choice. Bergeron’s fantasy worth has been a little bit more volatile than Tavares, but the overall better season makes him the stronger choice.

Pick Some Wings

Wings tend to cost a bit less than centers do, so this is a good place to find great talent at low prices. You might be tempted to draft the stronger wings, and this can have its benefits, but ideally you should be looking for as much value as possible here. That means low salary, high point potential. A player like Boston’s Brad Marchand, then, should almost immediately be discounted because he’s going to be quite pricey. Instead, look to Mike Hoffman of the Ottawa Senators. He is only scoring a fraction of a point less in fantasy points on average, but has consistently been cheaper. He’s scored 26 goals and has had 27 assists this season, too, making him almost as strong as some of the better centers out there. And at DraftKings, he’s almost $1,000 cheaper than the top centers when it comes to salary.

You should also be looking at Kyle Okposo of the New York Islanders. He’s likely to be more expensive than Hoffman, but his 20 goals and 36 assists make him a decent alternative. He doesn’t have the same point ceiling as Hoffman, and lacks a bit of the value, but he could fit in well in certain rosters.

You Need Defensemen

You could draft Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson and get a high fantasy point scoring machine here, but he’s very costly and at this point is probably out of the range of most managers. There is an appeal to drafting him, but your whole roster would need to be centered around him. If this doesn’t work for you, then you need to be aware of your alternatives.

Torey Krug of Boston is a good alternative with his 33 assists, but he’s weak in the scoring category. You could also look to Ryan McDonagh of the New York Rangers. He has 9 goals on the season, making him quite a bit stronger here, if you’re willing to trade off with a few less assists at 23. McDonagh is cheaper than Krug in most leagues, and he’s been on a hot streak lately, so he could be a decent choice.

A Strong Goalie

When it comes to goalies, you want someone that is not likely to let the puck cross the goal line. Henrik Lundqvist of the Rangers is the number one choice in this respect, but like Karlsson, if you draft him, he will be the focal point of your entire roster. A step down is Tuuka Rask, and he’s a lot cheaper. He is only saving 0.004 fewer shots on goal than Lundqvist, which is almost unintelligibly different from Lundqvist. For us, he’s the better value.