Week #6 of NFL action is here. There have been some surprises in the results so far this year, and some of that has had a huge bearing on the fantasy outcomes of our leagues. If you’re putting together a daily fantasy football roster for this weekend, it can be frustrating to try and predict those upsets and surprises, only to see the exact opposite of what you’re thinking will happen actually happen. It’s not possible to tell the future, but by relying on statistics and matchup projections, we can make some good guesses about which players will be best in your fantasy rosters, and which ones to stay away from.

Keep reading if you want our start or sit advice on some of the top rated players this weekend. Our goal is to help you craft the best fantasy roster you can to give yourself the best chances possible of scoring a win in your DFS league on Sudnay.


Tom Brady: Brady is ranked number one going into Sunday. He is priced at $8,300 according to DraftKings, making him $1,000 more expensive than the number two ranked Aaron Rodgers. There’s no secret about why this is. Brady has averaged 25.1 fantasy points per game, making him one of the most valuable fantasy football players in all of the NFL. That’s a cost of $330.68 per point, which is very competitive. The only issue with drafting Brady, assuming that the cost isn’t prohibitive, is that the Patriots are going up against the number 8 ranked New York Jets. Stiff competition hasn’t been a huge issue for Brady in the past, but it does mean that he’s likely to score below that 25.1 average.

Carson Palmer: Normally, Palmer wouldn’t be on our radars. But he has a few big things going for him this weekend. One, he’s a lot cheaper than those with comparable scores at $6,100. Yes, he’s a bit behind Brady with an average fantasy point total at 18.5 per game, but his cost per point stands at $329.73, making him slightly more efficient of a choice than Brady is. Now, consider the fact that the Cardinals are up against the number 31 ranked Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and we can assume that Palmer will actually be slightly above that average. With Brady being slightly below his, Palmer is actually a much stronger choice this weekend.

QB Start: Palmer

QB Sit: Brady

Wide Receiver

Antonio Brown: Brown is ranked the number WR in the NFL this weekend. With his 21.9 points per game average, that’s hardly a surprise. He’s put up 109.0 yards per game, on average, and has 40 receptions in 5 games. His fantasy average is high, and that’s with just one TD so far this season. Obviously, this is a number that can only go up, and that will boost his fantasy numbers once it does. The Steelers also go up against the number 31 ranked Kansas City Chiefs this weekend, which implies that Brown will be at a higher number than average. He seems like a good choice, but because he’s expensive at $9,300, he might not be your best choice.

Stefon Diggs: Diggs is having a phenomenal season, averaging 22.0 fantasy points per game. After 4 games, he’s averaged 97.8 yards per game and has 4 TDs. Diggs is also a lot cheaper than Brown at $7,500. Normally, this would be an easy choice of Diggs over Brown. The matchups that each team faces is our only hesitation. The Vikings will be playing the Green Bay Packers, who are ranked #19 against receivers. Diggs should perform at a higher than average level, but the question is, will he rank higher than Brown? Diggs stands at $340.91 per point, and Brown is at $424.66. Each player will be slightly more valuable than this, but Diggs is cheap enough that he’s going to provide a higher level of value regardless. They’re fairly even, so you could make a case for either. The right choice is going to be completely dependent on the rest of your roster. Based on pure value, Diggs is the slightly better choice.

WR Start: Diggs

WR Sit: Brown