This week’s NFL action promises to be just as exciting as we’ve grown accustomed to this season. It has been an especially exciting season from a fantasy perspective, mainly because there have been so many big surprises. If you’re a daily fantasy football player, then hopefully you’ve had quite a bit of good fortune with your teams. And if not, hopefully we can help. We’ve put together a little bit of analysis on some of the top ranked players, and our goal is to give you some direction when it comes to the tough choices that you will likely face at the top of your roster. So, if you’re looking for a little bit of insight, keep reading. It just might be exactly what you need to take your game to the next level.


Dak Prescott: Prescott is the number one ranked quarterback this weekend with an average fantasy point total of 22.0. His price is set at $7,300, giving him a cost per fantasy point total of $331.82. Overall, that’s a very strong price, especially considering the fact that he’s had such a strong showing week after week. However, this week he is not the strongest choice. The Cowboys go up against the Atlanta Falcons, who are ranked 16th against QBs from a fantasy perspective. Prescott will likely be right around that low 20s average, but this will be one of the stronger defenses that he’s seen so far this season. Unfortunately, he’s in a tough spot where he might do well, or he might not. That’s not a spot where we’re willing to spend money, especially when there are better choices out there.

Jared Goff: Goff is a mid-tier QB on the best of days, but he finds himself in a unique position this week where he is going against the worst ranked team when it comes to defending against the quarterback. The Houston Texans are a decent team, but with a weak QB defense, he has a very strong likelihood of having an above average week. Normally, Goff averages 18.1 fantasy points per week, but it would be a big surprise if he was not well over 20 this week. And with a salary of just $6,700, Goff has a value of $370.17 per point. The good news is that his true value will be a lot higher than that, especially if the Texans perform at the expected level.

QB Sit: Prescott

QB Start: Goff

Wide Receiver

Antonio Brown: Brown is the top ranked WR this week. He has a mammoth price tag of $9,500, but he’s returning 21.3 points per game—and that’s with a total of just 12.0 points in his last game. This week, the Steelers go against the Indianapolis Colts, who are ranked just 25th in the NFL against the passing game. Brown is in a position where he’s likely to score much higher than his average return. His cost per point of $446.—is high, but if you take into account the fact that he’s more likely to score 28 or higher in the fantasy realm, his value is actually well under $400 per point. That’s a much better value for your money.

DeAndre Hopkins: Hopkins is a bit further down the list than Brown, but he’s the only WR that has a higher average return on his fantasy points per week at 21.8. Hopkins has a tiny salary compared to Brown at $7,500, or just $344.04 per point, but the Texans go up against the surprisingly strong Los Angeles Rams this weekend. They are ranked number 5 against the pass right now, and Hopkins is likely to have a below average showing as a result of this. Unfortunately, Hopkins finds himself in the awkward spot of being a high value player that’s not expected to perform at his usual level. We’re passing on him thanks to this.

WR Sit: Hopkins

WR Start: Brown