Week #2 of the football season is here. There’s a lot of action this week in the world of daily fantasy football, but before you put your team together, it’s important to know that just because a player is highly rated does not mean that they are a good fit for your fantasy football roster. So, if you’re thinking of putting together a team, be sure to look at the start or sit advice that we’ve put together here for you. We’ll break down the top positions, and let you know which players have the best likelihood of returning points to you at a great value.


Tom Brady: Brady comes in this week as the number one pick at QB. The New England Patriots might have lost last weekend against the Chiefs, but Brady had a decent game, despite this being one of his weaker performances in recent years. He threw for 267 yards and had 16 completions out of 36 attempts. Those are definitely not the strongest numbers from the previous week, though. Brady is a strong QB, and he will likely do much better this week than last. The question is, is he worth the price tag? DraftKings has him priced at $7,900, and with the Pats going against the New Orleans Saints, Brady is up against another top rated QB. That will push him to perform at a high level. However, there are a lot of question marks and uncertainties with him this week.

Drew Brees: Brees is going up against Brady and the Patriots, in what looks like one of the biggest matchups of week number two of the NFL season. Here’s the catch: after one week, the Patriots have the number 29 ranked defense in the league against the QB. That shows that Brees has a chance for a big fantasy week. Yes, the Patriots are ranked number 28, but Brees still has the edge, and he’s $200 cheaper at $7,700. He had 291 yards in passing last week, and he went 27 for 37 with completions. And that was against a stronger defense than New England’s.

QB Start: Brees

QB Sit: Brady

Running Back

Le’Veon Bell: Bell had an unimpressive first game of the season. He only picked up 32 yards on 10 runs, with zero TDs. Bell is definitely capable of much more than this, as he has shown in the past. Luckily, 3 receptions and 15 yards in this category helped to boost his fantasy stats a little. That shows a lot of versatility on his part and increases the likelihood that he will have a stronger game this week. It also dramatically increases his chances of scoring a touchdown. Bell is a great RB, but with a price tag of $9,800, drafting him is going to be a big risk. He will almost certainly perform better next week. The Steelers are taking on the Minnesota Vikings this week, and they have shown that they have a strong defense against the run. Bell will be better this week, but we’re unlikely to see the Bell that we have come to expect at this point in the season.

LeSean McCoy: McCoy picked up 110 yards last weekend as the Buffalo Bills took down the New York Jets. McCoy did briefly leave the game because of a minor wrist injury, and this likely cost him a TD.  He finished the game with none in this category. Reports say that McCoy is healthy going into the game this week, and the Bills remain a run-heavy team. If McCoy stays healthy, he will be the Bills player most likely to score a TD, which will help him to improve his fantasy performance a bit. At $8,600, McCoy is the third most expensive player at DraftKings, but with Johnson injured and Bell being even more expensive McCoy looks like a strong fit on many rosters.

RB Start: McCoy

RB Sit: Bell