We are now well into the last half of the regular football season, and that is both a good and a bad thing for fantasy football fans. It’s good because we have a lot of solid data to make our decisions from, and it’s bad because so does everyone else. Our goal here is to help you look at daily fantasy football decisions from a slightly different perspective, and draft a strong DFS team as a result of that. So, whether you’ve been successful this season or not, you are in the right place for narrowing down those tough decisions at the top of your roster to just the right player.

Wide Receiver

Mike Evans: Evans is the number one ranked WR going into Sunday. He has 4 TDs this season, along with 532 yards. That’s just 66.5 yards per game, but over the last two games, it’s important to keep in mind that he’s had a total of just 73 yards. That undoubtedly brings his numbers down. The big question that you should be asking is not whether he’s a good value. At $7,900 and 14.7 fantasy points per game, he’s clearly not an ideal pick. We should be looking for at least 20 points out of a WR. The question we’re asking is why he’s ranked number one. The Miami Dolphins are a mid-level team, so we expect Evans to perform at right around this project level on Sunday. He’s not a horrible choice, but there are better options.

Larry Fitzgerald: You have to drop down to the #6 position to find a better choice. Fitzgerald is priced at just $7,000, and he’s projected to have 17.1 fantasy points per game. The real selling point of Fitzgerald is the fact that he is playing the Houston Texans, who currently have the #29 ranked defense against the passing game in all the NFL. This means that Fitzgerald is actually likely to perform a few points above that 17 or so number. He is the best value in the field already, and his team is in a spot where he’s likely to thrive. Realistically, he should probably be about $1,000 more expensive, so finding Fitzgerald is a big steal for your fantasy roster.

WR Start: Fitzgerald

WR Sit: Evans

Running Back

Todd Gurley: Gurley might be the number one ranked RB from a fantasy point of view for this Sunday with his average of 24.6 points per game, but he has a couple things working against him going into the weekend. One, he’s the most expensive RB out there with a price tag of $8,400. That gives him an average cost of $341.46 per point, which is a bit too high, in our opinion. If he were capable of dropping this number down a bit, Gurley would still be a strong choice, but that leads us to the second complaint. The Rams go up against the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday, who currently have the number one ranked defense against the running game. Gurley will more than likely perform at a level below what he’s capable of, which will make his price per point go up even higher.

Kareem Hunt: If you scroll a bit down the list of top ranked RBs for Sunday, you will find Hunt listed as the number four choice. His salary of $8,000 is still pretty high, but his fantasy point total remains high enough to justify that price at 21.3 points per game. His cost per point is set at $375.59, which is higher than Gurley’s, but this doesn’t tell the whole story. As the Chiefs go up against the New York Giants this weekend, it’s also important to remember that the Chiefs are ranked #25 against the rush. Hunt has a good chance of performing above his expected levels, giving him a greater fantasy ceiling than anyone else in the top five.

RB Start: Hunt

RB Sit: Gurley