If you’re a fan of fantasy football, this might be the most exciting season ever at DraftKings. They have just introduced their $1 Billion Lineup which kicked off on August 14th, and will go into full effect during Week 1 of the NFL season.

The only catch? You need to put together a perfect lineup for the first week of the season.

This is much harder than it might sound. Not only should your lineup be a winning one, you should have the highest possible point total at every single position, all while sticking to the salary budget that DraftKings imposes on their fantasy managers. Still, the chance for $1 billion is a very enticing offer.

The concept is simple: each player has a salary cost associated with them. You have $50,000 in salary to spend. You will need a quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, a tight end, a defensive/special teams unit, and a flex player on your roster. Draft the perfect team given those parameters, stay within your budget, and you will have a life-changing amount of money dropped in your lap.

And even if you don’t win, you’ve still had a fun time putting together a team and then following along with the games that day as they unfold on television.

The Rules

All you need to do to enter this chance for $1 billion is enter the free $100,000 contest. Like the name implies, there’s no cost to enter this. You just need to have a DraftKings account to enter. There will only be one entry allowed per person, and the site has capped the number of possible entries at 5 million people. Your lineup must be submitted by 1 PM EST on September 10th. It’s that easy.

Other Prizes

Because this is a free contest, this is likely going to be one of the biggest events ever at DraftKings. Even if no one wins the $1 billion, there will still be cash prizes awarded to the top lineups. First place is worth $500. Even if you finish in 138,445th place, you will still get a prize of $0.25. That’s not much, but it is a nice reward for a free contest.

So, even if no one wins the billion dollars, there’s still plenty of reasons to enter this contest. It is shaping up to be one of the biggest promotions ever seen in all of fantasy sports. And it won’t cost you a thing other than your time to get in on the action.

What are Daily Fantasy Sports?

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) are fantasy leagues, but rather than lasting an entire season, you are drafting a team for just one day. In the world of fantasy football, this typically begins Sunday and ends after Monday Night Football. This brings with it a very different strategy than you might be used to in your yearlong fantasy leagues. Rather than drafting the player who is likely to score the highest amount of fantasy points over the course of a season, you are looking for the players that will perform the highest on one given night. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, such as the opposing team, injuries, and even the personal dynamics of each player. DFS is a very different type of contest than traditional fantasy sports, even if it does share many of the same characteristics and concepts.

Who Can Play?

You probably know that DFS is not allowed in some states, such as Arizona, Montana, and Nevada, to name a few. However, anyone that’s eligible (over 18) is allowed to enter this contest, even in the restricted states. This is thanks to the fact that this is a free contest. You do not have to pay a penny to enter, you just need to create a DraftKings account if you don’t have one already.

Wrap Up

The DraftKings website will be the first place where you read just how difficult this contest is to win. They say that a good lineup, or even a great one, is not going to win this. You need to draft the “perfect lineup.” It’s not impossible to do, but it is going to be super difficult. Your chances of winning are very slim, but there’s a chance. And because it’s free to enter this, there’s no risk involved, other than using up some of your time. If you’re already a fan of fantasy football, this is a good opportunity to test your skills in a free setting and have some fun. Maybe your lineup will fall flat, but maybe you’ll be able to take home a small cash prize. And just maybe, you’ll be the person who takes home the huge grand prize of $1 billion.

You’ll never know unless you submit your roster!