Ready for another week of NFL football? Ready for another week of daily fantasy football? Hopefully your rosters have been cleaning up lately in whatever leagues you’ve been playing in. If not, we can help you out. Read over our start or sit analysis below of a few of the top ranked players in the NFL and see if we can help improve your roster right away.


Aaron Rodgers: Aaron Rodgers is the top rated quarterback in the NFL for this weekend. He’s expensive, at $8,100, but the more you look at him, the more you will come to realize that this is a pretty good deal compared to his competition. He is averaging 24.0 fantasy points per game this season. With a price tag of $8,100, that gives him a cost of $337.50 per point. While not great, it’s also not very expensive for a top rated QB. He has thrown for over 1,100 yards and has 10 touchdowns this season. All of that with only 3 interceptions. The Green Bay Packers are going up against the Dallas Cowboys this weekend. Although they have some power on the offense, they have not shown much like on the defense this season, making it possible that Rodgers could have a standout game on Sunday.

Russell Wilson: Wilson is priced at a much cheaper level compared to Rodgers. At DraftKings, Wilson is just $7,100, compared to Rodgers’ $8,100. And because their point total is so similar, it could be a simple task just to go with Wilson over him. But that might be a bit misguided. There is a big factor pointing to Wilson just being the wrong choice this weekend. Wilson has averaged 22.7 fantasy points per game this season and has an average cost per point of $312.78. That’s not a bad price, especially compared to Rodgers. Wilson might be slightly lower, but the opportunity cost is much higher than what it seems on paper. The Seahawks are going against the Los Angeles Rams this weekend, who have the 15th best defense against QBs so far this season. In reality, that cost is likely to go way up. With Rodgers going against a weaker defense, his numbers are actually likely to improve, making our choice here a bit easier.

QB Start: Rodgers

QB Sit: Wilson

Wide Receiver

Antonio Brown: With Beckham being questionable this week, Brown is the next biggest choice when it comes to WR. Conceivably, Brown could even be ranked higher than Beckham in many leagues because of his superior fantasy performance. He’s put up an average of 20.2 points per game, and his combination with Ben Roethlisberger is looking pretty tight. The main factor getting in the way of drafting Brown is his price, but even that is workable depending on how you structure your team. For us, that’s not the biggest issue. If you look at the Steelers’ opponent this week—the Jacksonville Jaguars—you will see that they have the number one defense in the NFL against the receiving game. Brown’s price of $8,400 might seem like a bargain, but you’ll be paying much more than the $415.84 that it seems like you will be paying.

A.J. Green: Green is having a strong start to his season. He’s caught 25 passes and has 315 yards so far, along with 2 TDs. He is averaging 17.9 fantasy points per game. With a price tag of $8,200, that gives him a cost of $458.10 per point. That might seem expensive, and it is until you realize that he’s a bit of a bargain this weekend compared to Brown. The Bengals take on the #6 defense in the Buffalo Bills this weekend. But with the Bengals having homefield, it’s a bit better than what the situation seems like on paper. Ideally, we would recommend staying away from both Brown and Green. But because they are big names, you’re likely to be tempted to choose one of them. If you must choose one, Green is the better choice.

WR Start: Green

WR Sit: Brown