This week, the PGA Tour stops by the Dell Technologies Championship. The slate of golfers scheduled to compete is a strong one, and that means there will be a lot of daily fantasy golf action. Depending on the league that you play in, the competition will either be really strong, really weak, or somewhere in between. Whichever setting you find yourself in, it’s important to have a strong team put together with the best chances of winning you can possibly give yourself. That’s why we’ve put together this analysis for you. Whatever your skill as a daily fantasy golf manager might be, our analysis is intended to point you in the right direction when drafting a roster.

Jordan Spieth: Spieth had a fantastic outing last week, finishing 2nd overall at the Northern Trust Championship. His price tag of $12,100 is very high this week, but based upon how he is currently golfing, it’s hard to argue that he is not the strongest golfer in the field. He has made 16 of his last 19 cuts, has 3 wins, and has an average stroke count per round of just 69.4 this season. Only one golfer in the field has a better average fantasy point total per tournament than Spieth, and that’s Matsuyama, by only 0.1 of a point. Spieth is a strong golfer and you’re going to get a lot of mileage by drafting him, but he’s expensive, and that will likely hurt the rest of your roster. If you can find great value below him, then he’s a great draft. Otherwise, his price tag will make him too big of an expense. You will need to weigh your options carefully here.

Dustin Johnson: Johnson is ranked number two according to DraftKings with a salary of $12,000. His stats are very similar to Spieth’s. He’s made 14 of 17 cuts this year, has made the top ten 9 times, and has 3 wins on the season. His stroke count per round is identical to Spieth’s at 69.4, and he won the Northern Trust last week, edging out Spieth for the victory. His fantasy point average is a bit lower than Spieth’s at 76.8 per tournament, but he’s cheaper and appears to be peaking for the end of the year. He seems like a slightly better value play than Spieth, but it is close enough to be a coinflip in the end.

Jon Rahm: Rahm is ranked third in the field with a salary of $10,600. In many respects, he is close to Spieth and Johnson when it comes to statistics. He’s made 16 of 18 cuts this year, has 9 top ten finishes, and has 2 wins. For a potential fantasy point total, Rahm is a bit more consistent than Spieth, but with a higher floor and a lower ceiling. The lower salary total reflects that. However, if you can find a golfer below Rahm with a lot of breakout potential, then Rahm could very well be a great golfer to include on your roster.

Justin Thomas: Thomas is peaking at the right time this year. He won the PGA Championship and then finished T6 at the Northern Trust. His stroke count per round is a bit high at 70.1, but that’s thanks to a slower start to his season than others have had. He is also a bit lower when it comes to fantasy point averages at 70.1. However, these numbers are artificially lower because he’s performing so well right now. His salary of $10,300 makes him a steal if he’s going to continue to perform at the level that he has been.

Hideki Matsuyama: Matsuyama is one of the few golfers in the world that can go toe to toe with Spieth and Johnson and look good every time. He has a salary of $10,100, which makes him an automatic consideration here. He has a higher average fantasy point total than Spieth, and his stroke per round average is only a bit higher at 69.8. Matsuyama missed the cut last week, but that was a rare occurrence. He’s made 15 of 17 cuts this season. If he plays like he’s capable of, he will be the biggest value addition to your roster.