Week three of the NFL season is here. Week two had some big games, with the New England Patriots beating the New Orleans Saints, the Miami Dolphins beating the LA Chargers, and the Arizona Cardinals taking down the Indianapolis Colts. These were all big games, and many of them were surprises. When you’re putting together your daily fantasy football roster, looking at games like this can be helpful because they show us what certain players are capable of in tough situations.

So, as you get ready to draft your team for Week three, take these games into account. Also, be sure to look at our start and sit advice. We’ve used DraftKings to help shape our advice here, but you can use the same info with only slight tweaks to transfer the data over to other sites, too.

Running Back

Todd Gurley: Gurley is the most expensive player at RB this week with a salary of $6,800. In many rosters, that’s a huge price and will be prohibitive because of the cost. But the statistics back up this price. He’s averaged 64.0 yards per game, and in two games, he has scored three TDs. If that touchdown rate continues, Gurley is likely to be one of the most highly desired fantasy players in all of the NFL. It’s unlikely that he can keep up that level of play, but the Rams don’t have a lot of other options when it comes to moving the ball downfield. Gurley will likely continue to see carries, and he might even be able to add to his receiving numbers. He’s averaging 48.0 yards per game here. Even though he’s expensive, he has a lot to offer. Plus, the Rams go up against the number 28 ranked San Francisco 49ers this week, giving Gurley plenty of opportunities to improve his numbers even more.

Carlos Hyde: Hyde and the 49ers go up against Gurley and the Rams this weekend. Only one of these two will have huge games, and both are struggling to post strong numbers. Hyde is a great running back. He’s averaging 84.5 yards per game right now, but because of a lack of a strong QB, the 49ers are struggling to get near the end zone. That’s severely limiting Hyde’s chances of improving his fantasy standing. His salary of $5,200 is much more attractive than Gurley’s, and this will tempt a lot of people to draft him. But with Hyde averaging $305.89 per fantasy point and Gurley averaging $282.16, Gurley is actually a deeper value pick, especially considering that the Rams have a stronger defense against the running game.

RB Start: Gurley

RB Sit: Hyde

Wide Receiver

Golden Tate: Tate is currently averaging 107.0 yards per game after one game. He has no touchdowns yet this season, but has shown that he’s capable of posting big numbers. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before the TDs start adding up. Priced at $6,800, Tate is expensive, but it looks like he’s worth the price, especially since the number one ranked WR is questionable this week. Tate and the Lions are going against the number 16 ranked Giants this weekend, giving him plenty of chances to get open and get the ball

Sammy Watkins: Watkins is averaging 7.9 fantasy points per game, with 44.0 yards averaged per game. The Rams are playing stronger than many expected, and a good portion of that is because of the offseason acquisition of Watkins. But they are also going up against the 49ers this weekend, and they are one of the strongest passing defenses in the NFL right now. Watkins appears to be outmatched here, and it’s likely that the Rams will rely more on the run because of this. Watkins is much cheaper than Tate, but his dollar amount per fantasy point is not a great deal here. He is priced at $5,500, which comes out to $696.20 per point. Compare that to Tate’s $278.69 and it’s not even comparable.

WR Start: Tate

WR Sit: Watkins