Now that we are into the second week of the NFL Playoffs, the daily fantasy football leagues will be in full swing. These types of contests are much tougher to do well in than regular season games because there are fewer choices for each manager to select. It evens the playing field quite a bit for weaker players because even if they choose their teams randomly, they have a much better chance of choosing a strong team. Our hope is that the value analysis that we provide here can help you to avoid that. Read over our reviews of a few of the top ranked players going into this weekend’s games, and hopefully you will be able to draft a stronger daily fantasy football team as a result.


Drew Brees: Brees is ranked number two in the field, behind Tom Brady. Brees is priced at $6,300, and has averaged 17.9 fantasy points per game this season. This gives him a total cost per point of about $352. This is a pretty competitive price for a top ranked QB, but at this point in the season, that’s not enough to warrant drafting him. The New Orleans Saints have been on a roll lately, but this week they come up against the #4 ranked Minnesota Vikings. Although that ranking is against limiting QB fantasy points, in this situation, Brees appears to be at a disadvantage. In many cases, he is. But it really depends on who you are considering for the QB slot.

Ben Roethlisberger: The number three ranked QB is the man you’re most likely to pick other than Brees this weekend, and that is Big Ben. His price tag of $6,200 and his average of 18.0 fantasy points per game makes him a little cheaper and a little more reliable than Brees on paper, but in this matchup, Roethlisberger is not the best choice. Although he has a lower cost per point than Brees at $344, Roethlisberger and the Steelers are going up against the #1 ranked Jacksonville Jaguars. In this matchup, Roethlisberger has a slightly lower point ceiling.

QB Start: Brees

QB Sit: Roethlisberger

Running Back

Alvin Kamara: Kamara is a strong running back, and has the statistics to prove it. He has a total of 751 yards this season, and 44.2 yards per game. These are not the strongest of statistics when it comes to consistency, but his 14 touchdowns are one of the best stats in the field. He has averaged 19.9 fantasy points per game, giving him one of the best totals in the field. He is priced at $7,800, giving him a cost per point of about $392. That’s a decent number, as anything under $400 is competitive at this position. The big disadvantage that Kamara has going against him is that the Saints are going against the Minnesota Vikings, who are ranked #1 in the NFL when it comes to limiting RB fantasy points. Kamara’s 19.9 average is probably on the higher side of what he will show us this weekend. In reality, he is likely to put up far fewer points than this.

Leonard Fournette: Fournette has averaged 18.3 fantasy points per game this season and has is priced at $6,900. That’s a cost per point of $377, which is extremely competitive at the RB position. Fournette has had a strong season with 1,097 yards, and an average of 78.4 per game. He also has 10 TDs to his credit this season. However, although his statistics are very similar to Kamara’s, he’s in a spot where he is more likely to outperform. Kamara. The Jacksonville Jaguars are going up against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are ranked #18 against RBs. This gives Fournette a much higher ceiling than Kamara, giving him a sizeable advantage. In fact, the 18.3 points that he has averaged this season will probably be on the lower side of the projected scale he’s expected to put up for points.

RB Start: Fournette

RB Sit: Kamara