Week 10 is Here in Full Effect

Week #9 of the NFL season has come and gone, and that means it’s time to get your daily fantasy football roster ready for Week #10. Whether you’ve been destroying your competition all season, or whether you’ve just decided to take fantasy football seriously, if you are playing on a DFS site, this is your week to dominate.

Over the course of this season, I’ve used a strategy that partially relies on value and partially on matchups. So far, it has been a very successful way to approach DFS football. Now, every league is different and every manager likes to personalize things a little bit, and this can lead to varying degrees of success. Either way, one of my goals as a sports writer is to help you to make good decisions regarding your fantasy play. That’s why this week, I am going to go into a little bit more detail when it comes to helping you draft a mid or lower tier player by explaining the process for creating a cost per point number to act as a guide. This way, whether you are using the players I suggest, or finding players on your own in the coming weeks, you will have a greater chance of using this tool correctly.

The overall goal remains the same: to help you create the best possible fantasy roster so that you can win your league come Sunday. Let’s start by looking at the Running Backs.

Get the Right Guys in Your Lineup

There is a time to start certain players. Be ready to take some more risks.

Running Back is the Source

Austin Ekeler: Ekeler has had an outstanding season so far, especially for a player that has not received a ton of media attention. The fact that he is priced so low this week is understandable, though. When it comes to the success that the Los Angeles Chargers have seen this season, he really hasn’t been at the forefront. Still, with an average of 11.8 fantasy points per game and a price tag of $4,000, it’s hard to ignore him this week. $4,000 divided by 11.8 gives us a total of $339 in salary that we are spending per point that Ekeler is expected to score. Now, given the fact that the Chargers take on the Oakland Raiders, who are ranked #26 in the NFL against the rushing game, and we can deduce that Ekeler will end up performing at an above average level and that his cost will actually be cheaper than that $339 per point that we estimated earlier.

Isaiah Crowell: At first glance, Crowell is an even better choice than Ekeler to round out your roster. He is slightly more expensive at $4,200, but we are so far below the average cost of a roster spot that this shouldn’t be an obstacle. However, with an average of 12.2 fantasy points per game, Crowell is slightly more expensive per fantasy point than Ekeler with a cost of $344 per point. Now, consider the fact that the Buffalo Bills have a much better rushing defense than the Raiders do, and we can see that although Crowell could be a valuable addition to your roster, he is not going to be the best choice in this position. Even with his 5 TDs so far this season, Crowell is likely not going to give you the most bang for your buck in this coming matchup.

RB Start: Ekeler

RB Sit: Crowell

Wide Receiver Could Score Big

Josh Doctson: Doctson is priced at $4,300 this week, averaging 6.3 fantasy points per game. This might seem like an expensive price tag for a less than great performance so far this season, and on the surface, it is. Doctson has a cost per point of $683, which is really expensive. However, the fact that Doctson and the Redskins are taking on the #31 ranked Tampa Bay defense this weekend cannot be ignored. Although he has only averaged 6.3 points per game, Doctson will see many more opportunities that he typically would not. If he’s going to have a breakout game this season, this will be it. The fact that he just caught his first TD of the season last weekend should also give his teammates more confidence in him and his ability, and thus increase the number of targets that he gets. Last game, he caught 3 of 6 passes to him. This week, we should see at least 10 throws to him. This will artificially boost his stats and drive down that price per point that we are now seeing.

Kenny Stills: Stills is an interesting choice here. Normally, a second-tier WR from the Dolphins would not make the list of top value plays, but this week, he does. Stills is averaging 9.5 fantasy points per game with 37.5 yards per game and 4 touchdowns. None of this is impressive until you consider the fact that he’s priced at just $4,100. That’s a cost per point of $431, which is actually a huge value for a receiver. And with the Dolphins going up against the Green Bay Packers, there’s actually a lot of room for improvement with these stats. The Packers are only ranked #23 in the NFL against the passing game. That means we should see an above average performance from Stills this weekend. He might not be a top ranked WR, but Stills packs a lot of fantasy punch in your roster on Sunday, leaving you space to draft a top rated player or two in other places on your roster.

WR Start: Stills

WR Sit: Doctson

Flex is for Studs

Depending on your league, you probably have a Flex player option. One of the most under-rated players at this position for Sunday’s slate of games is Duke Johnson, Jr. A Running Back from the Cleveland Browns, Johnson has averaged 9.4 fantasy points per game this season, has scored 2 TDs, and has averaged 12.8 yards per game. This weekend, as the Browns take on the Atlanta Falcons, Johnson is in a position where he should outperform anything he’s done so far this season. With a price tag of $4,700, he makes for a great bottom-tier RB or a Flex draft.