The 2018 NFL season is finally here! After a long off season, football is back, and that means fantasy football is back, too. As you get ready to draft your yearlong roster, or you’re starting to look at daily fantasy sports sites to get a roster in mind for Week #1, I decided to put together some quick analysis or you, comparing the top players at each of the major fantasy positions. Here, we focus on Tight Ends.

Regardless of whether you are playing in a yearlong fantasy football league, or you just visit DFS sites like DraftKings or FanDuel once in a while, you will want to have a strong strategy going into each game, and the TE is one of the key positions to understand if you’re going to be successful.

Here, We’ve provided you with a quick snapshot of the top 6 Tight Ends that you might be considering for your fantasy roster.

Tight Ends are a Big Piece of the Pie

You have access to a lot of tight ends. Now is the time to put them to work.

Rob Gronkowski

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Gronk is the number one pick when it comes to Tight Ends this season. There are a few concerns about Gronkowski, though. He’s popular, which means that his price tag is going to be much larger than it should be, both in year long and daily fantasy sports leagues. There’s also been a lot of speculation about his ability to perform and whether his head is really in the game in the media during the offseason. Much of this seems to be merely rumor, but there’s still a possibility that it will take him some time to get back in the swing of things, especially because of the fact that he’s prone to injury. Still, he had 69 receptions, over 1,000 yards, and 8 TDs during the regular season. If you can grab him in the middle rounds of a snake draft, he’s going to be a huge help in boosting your stats. However, for most purposes, he’s going to be a bit too expensive to justify the impact that he will have on your roster.

Zach Ertz

Ertz might just be a better draft pick than Gronkowski this season. He had fewer yards than Gronk at 824, but more catches with 74. He also showed that he had the same ability to create meaningful plays by posting 8 TDs. Coming off of a Super Bowl winning season, Ertz will see a bit of an inflated price in DFS leagues, but he is still playing in Gronkowski’s shadow. That will give you an advantage in terms of value in most settings, ensuring that he will be a strong pick. However, this needs to be looked at on a case by case basis, so be sure to look at what’s going on in your specific league before you make this play.

Travis Kelce

Kelce has more untapped potential than any of the other names that I’ve listed so far. He had 1,038 yards on 83 receptions last season, posting 8 TDs in the process. That puts him above Gronkowski and Ertz, yet he has remained under the radar because he plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. Still, this may work to his advantage in a fantasy setting. He has a proven history of being a capable TE and with a weaker all around roster, he’s going to be leaned on a lot heavier than other TEs. That creates an opening for him to be undervalued and overlooked. If you can get him for a good price at FanDuel or DraftKings, pick him up. And if he’s still around in the middle of your snake draft, you could pick him up without sacrificing other areas of your roster.

Jimmy Graham

Graham and the Green Bay Packers are poised for a breakout season. Aaron Rodgers has a lot of good targets, but Graham is one of the more reliable, especially on the short game. He had more TDs last season than anyone else on this list with 10, but with only 57 receptions and 520 yards. The Packers have a couple strong receivers, so Graham’s reception number will probably stay low this year, but he’s proven himself in the Red Zone. Further, Graham averaged 9.1 yards per reception last season, which makes him a pretty strong commodity. Granted, he’s not in the same neighborhood as some others here, but his ability to produce in scoring situations will make him a strong pick, especially in certain DFS settings, depending on who the Packers are playing.

Greg Olsen

Olsen has some strong potential this season, but he probably should only be a last resort when it comes to a yearlong roster. For one, he’s an unknown factor. That means he could be a huge reward for you, but he carries far too much risk along with drafting him. He played 7 games last season and had just 17 receptions during that time, along with 1 touchdown. The surprise regarding Olsen is the fact that he milked each reception for an average of 11.2 yards per play, which is actually a bit lower than his all-time average of 11.8 yards per play. Despite injury, he showed that he’s still capable of playing really well. However, a foot injury is not something to mess around with, and at 33 years old, it’s not clear just how it will impact him over the long term. He has potential for a great season, but that’s a bit too risky of a play for me. Still, keep him in mind for DFS matchups, especially a few games into the season when he’s had some playing time under his belt.

Evan Engram

Engram is in a weird place this coming season, and that could mean a breakout season for him. He had 64 receptions last season for a total of 722 yards, along with 6 TDs. But he’s playing for the New York Giants, and the offensive situation there is a big question mark moving into the regular season. It just might be to his benefit. Of course, it could also mean that his season will be a flop. He’s a bit too risky for me, but there is some potential here.