The Power of Week Eleven

Week #11 of the NFL season is here. Many teams are already starting to look forward to the playoffs, while others are not in so fortunate of a position. Some players have already achieved epic levels of success, while some of those who expected to be successful are struggling. Daily fantasy football doesn’t care about these things, though. It allows you to focus on just the players that you want to include on your team and not worry about the rest.

If you’ve seen success so far this season, awesome! Keep up the good work. If you haven’t, then we are here to help. Our fantasy analysis focuses on value and matchups to help you put together the strongest team that you can. Even if you have seen some big victories in your leagues this season, hopefully this analysis can help take your game to the next level.

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This week, we’re heading over to FanDuel for pricing and fantasy point information. If you don’t have an account with them yet, it’s completely free to sign up and they do offer the occasional free contest to take advantage of.

Quarterbacks to Consider

Deshaun Watson: Watson, the QB from the Houston Texans, is in a great spot from a fantasy perspective headed into this weekend. Although the Texans have a strong record at 6-3, they have flown under the radar quite a bit this season. After narrowly losing to the New England Patriots in Week #1, they have steadily been growing stronger and stronger as a team. Watson’s price tag of $7,800 is surprisingly low given the fact that the Texans have had a strong offense on a weekly basis since Week #3. He has averaged 265.4 yards per game and has 18 TDs so far this season, for an average of 20.6 fantasy points per game. Add in the fact that the Washington Redskins are currently ranked #25 in the NFL against the passing game and you have a situation where Watson has the potential to have a breakout game come Sunday.

Andrew Luck: Luck has better stats than Watson so far this season, which may make his price tag of $7,800 seem like a great deal. However, in this particular situation, Watson is the better choice. Luck might be averaging 274.7 yards per game and have 26 TDs at this point in the season, but as the Indianapolis Colts get set to play the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, there are some problems that these superior numbers cannot take into account. The Titans are ranked #6 in the NFL overall when it comes to defense, and they are #6 when it comes to defending against the pass—which has been Luck’s greatest strength. Even with his higher average fantasy points per game (22.4), Luck is not likely to see numbers up above 20 at FanDuel this weekend.

QB Start: Watson

QB Sit: Luck

Which Running Back is the Right Move

Marlon Mack: Marlon Mack is having an unexpectedly good season. The Colts RB has averaged 82 yards rushing per game so far this season and has put up 4 TDs total. His price of $7,000 at FanDuel seems low considering the fact that he is averaging 15.9 fantasy points per game. This coming Sunday, he’s in a position where he could potentially be on the high end of that average, or even surpass it. The Colts take on the Titans, who are ranked #10 in the NFL against the rush. Now, QB Luck has a lot of options in front of him, but because the Titans are so much better against the pass than they are the rush, we expect him to use Mack a bit more than he normally does. Mack might not see as many total yards, but he will see more carries than normal, especially when the ball is in range of the end zone.

Adrian Peterson: Peterson was a big name once upon a time, but this year his fantasy stock is way down. His price tag reflects this at $6,300. However, even though he is priced at a mid-tier RB level, he still holds potential in fantasy settings. He’s averaging 74.7 yards rushing so far this season and has racked up 5 TDs. Also, he’s averaging 13.0 fantasy points per game, which isn’t too shabby, especially at his discounted price. In other settings, Peterson could be a steal, but not this one. The Redskins are taking on the Houston Texans, who are ranked #6 in the NFL against the rush. Peterson has already started to show a decline in his physical abilities, and this is not the setting where he is worth taking a risk on. Be sure to keep an eye on him in the coming weeks, though. He has a lot of potential for unexpected value in a more favorable matchup.

RB Start: Mack

RB Sit: Peterson

Wide Receivers in the Bunch

Calvin Ridley: Ridley looks like a good deal this weekend, but don’t be deceived. Sure, he’s cheap at $6,500, and his average of 12.5 fantasy points per game is much better than this price tag reveals. He has 55.6 yards on average per game and a very nice total of 7 receiving TDs this season. Normally, this would be an instant draft signal. But not this week. The Atlanta Falcons are taking on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, who are ranked #9 in the NFL against the passing game. As strong as Ridley could be, he’s worth fading this week. Do look out for him in the coming weeks to take on a supporting role on your roster, especially if his price stays down.

Golden Tate: Tate is in a much more lucrative position this weekend. He is a bit more expensive than Ridley at $6,600 and his average fantasy point total of 12.4 might not seem like the extra $100 is worthwhile, but Tate and the Eagles find themselves in a position where he will see a lot of extra action. The New Orleans Saints are ranked #31 in the NFL against the pass, and Tate will likely see a lot of targets thanks to this. He should have a much higher ceiling than most other WRs eligible to play this weekend.

WR Start: Tate

WR Sit: Ridley

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