Thanksgiving Football Week

Week #12 of the NFL season is upon us. Thanksgiving week is always a big week in the world of professional football, and that means that there will likely be more fantasy play than normal in the coming league sessions. If you’re a daily fantasy football fan, this is a good thing. More fantasy managers than normal means that the overall talent pool for these games will be a bit weaker. It is a prime time for a skilled fantasy manager to step in and create a strong team. This week, we’ll be helping you to put together a team at FanDuel. The same advice can apply at other sites, but because the numbers will be different, it’s important to make sure that all of the background information and statistics leads to the same conclusion. Ready to get started? You will find all of the information that you need to get started drafting a strong roster for Sunday’s slate of games.

We Have Some Thanksgiving Action

You can let your guard down for about a couple of hours, but get ready in a hurry.

Running Backs are in the Mix

Matt Breida: Normally, Breida would not be on the radar at all here. He’s a mid-tier RB at $6,400 with just 5 TDs so far this season and an average of 11.1 fantasy points per game at FanDuel. These numbers are far from impressive, and they seem to be in fitting with his overall price tag. What’s most impressive about Breida this week is the opponent that his San Francisco 49ers are going up against: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Overall, they have a defense that is ranked #28 in the NFL and against the rush in particular they are ranked a bit better at #19. This should give Breida plenty of opportunities to move the ball down the field and is a strong indicator that he will be used with more frequency than normal this weekend. Phillip Lindsay: Lindsay is only a tiny bit more expensive than Breida at $6,800, and at first glance, it looks like his higher expected point return should more than offset that price gap. Lindsay has averaged 13.4 fantasy points per game, which gives him a cost per point of $507. Compared to Breida’s $577, Lindsay looks pretty good. The big difference between these two players is that Breida is going to be facing much weaker competition than Lindsay will see. The Denver Broncos will be taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have the 9th best defense against the rush in the NFL. Where we expect Breida’s fantasy numbers to be higher than normal come Sunday, Lindsay’s are likely to be much lower than normal. RB Start: Breida RB Sit: Lindsay

Wide Receivers Could Bring the Winner

T.Y. Hilton: Hilton had a monster of a game from a fantasy perspective last weekend. He caught all 9 of the throws he was targeted on and recorded 2 TDs on the way to an Indianapolis victory. This week, his price tag of $7,500 is bigger than normal, but not so big that he is undraftable. Add to the fact that Hilton and the Colts are taking on the low-ranked Miami Dolphins this weekend, and you are going to see a lot of people drafting Hilton that normally wouldn’t. And that’s good news for you because Hilton is not your best pick this weekend. The Dolphins are much better against the passing game than they first appear. Although their defense is ranked #27 in the NFL, they are much weaker against the rush than they are the pass. They’re ranked #19 against the pass, but #30 against the rush. All signs point to QB Luck needing to use his running backs a lot more than normal this coming weekend, and neglecting Hilton and other potential receivers. Alshon Jeffery: Jeffery’s stats lag a little behind Hilton’s, but this is something that’s compensated for in his price tag of $7,200. He has averaged 12.1 fantasy points per game this season and has 4 TDs so far this season. He is currently carrying the ball a little over 60 yards per game in addition to this. Although his stats lag behind Hilton, he is in a position where he has a slightly higher point ceiling than Hilton. Not only did Hilton boost his averages in a big way last weekend, Jeffery and the Eagles are going up against an opponent with a weaker passing defense. The New York Giants might have an overall better defense, but their passing team is only ranked #22 in the league right now. Jeffery is in a position where he is likely to have an above average game, whereas Hilton is likely to be a bit below average. WR Start: Jeffery WR Sit: Hilton

Defense and Special Teams Could be the Fix

New England Patriots: The Pats are a discount this weekend at just $4,100, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are worth the price tag. They’ve averaged just 7.5 fantasy points per game, but much of this comes from Kicker Stephen Gostkowski. The defensive team itself is in a rough spot this coming weekend. The New York Jets are not nearly as strong as the Patriots are, holding one of the weakest offenses in the NFL at #29 overall. The Patriots certainly have their share of defensive woes, but this is one instance where they are the superior team—both offensively and defensively. Hopefully, that will be enough to give them a surprise boost this week. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers are averaging a nice weekly fantasy point total of 8.7 points per game. At $4,100, this might make them look like a much stronger team this week than the Patriots. However, their opponent this weekend is the Denver Broncos, who have one of the stronger offenses at this point in the season. They’re ranked #11 overall in the NFL and this could put a big hamper on the Steelers’ ability to rack up the points in this position. Although the Steelers could be a strong DST pick much of the time, this isn’t the week to go with them. Yes, they are in a good spot and yes they are normally a safe pick, but not against this particular opponent. DST Start: New England DST Sit: Pittsburgh Don’t forget if you are in New Jersey you may find FanDuel NJ Sportsbook may be your place to play.