Stepping into Week 13 DFS

Week #13 of the NFL season is already here. At this point in the season, it always feels like it’s gone by too quickly, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. From a daily fantasy football perspective, this can actually be helpful because so many of the games are still fresh in our memories.

We also have a lot of statistics at this point to work with. This week, we’re looking at FanDuel to draft the best fantasy roster possible. By looking at both value and matchups, hopefully our guide can help you get started with drafting the strongest team possible.

Where are We in DFS 2018?

Be sure to get your smart picks in and take home some big prizes. Think before you pick.

Running Back is Key to a Win

Joe Mixon: Mixon has made quite the splash this season from a fantasy point of view, and this week promises to be another great week for him. He’s currently averaging 15.9 fantasy points per game, which is quite strong given the fact that he only has a price tag of $7,400 at FanDuel. With 6 total TDs so far this season and an average rushing yards per game number of 74.8, Mixon is a mid-tier player with a ton of upside, especially in his current matchup. One of the interesting things about Mixon is that he really does shine when he faces a weaker defense. Against the #31 ranked Cleveland, he had 19.0 fantasy points. Against the #27 Tampa Bay, he put up 27.3 points. As the Bengals are going up against the #25 ranked Denver Broncos on Sunday, it makes sense that we should expect an above average game from Mixon in this spot. That makes his price tag all the more attractive.

James White: At first look, White looks like an amazing choice. He’s considerably cheaper than Mixon at $6,800, and he has a higher fantasy average per week at 16.4 points per game. This is a façade, however. The big issue is that White has been incredibly inconsistent and hard to predict. The big reason why his fantasy numbers are so impressive is because he has 10 TDs so far this year—but he is only averaging 27.5 yards rushing per game. This is not a trend that is sustainable over the long term. Also, he shines against unlikely opponents. He scored 20.4 fantasy points against the #2 ranked Buffalo defense and 27.2 points against the #29 ranked Miami defense. But he also only scored 11.7 fantasy points against the #30 ranked Kansas City defense. As New England is going up against the #3 ranked Minnesota this weekend, it is really hard to know just how he will perform. Uncertainty can be helpful in your roster, but usually not at the mid-tier level.

RB Start: Mixon

RB Sit: White

Wide Receivers Looking to Get Open

T.Y. Hilton: Hilton is having a surprisingly good year from a fantasy perspective. He has 6 TDs and is averaging 14.4 fantasy points per game. That’s pretty strong, considering that he is only priced at $7,600. However, Hilton and the Colts have a tough matchup ahead of them against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags are ranked #5 in the NFL in overall defense, and #3 against the passing game. Plus, Hilton has a record of inconsistency this season. Although he could perform really well against a top ranked defense, it’s tough to tell with him. Against the #26 ranked Oakland, Hilton was only able to put up 3.9 points. Hilton is a great year long player to hold onto, but at this point in the season he is a bit too risky to include on a daily fantasy roster.

Emmanuel Sanders: Sanders has a number of things going for him. He is averaging 14.4 fantasy points per game, just like Hilton, but at a lower price. His salary of $7,000 makes him much more approachable, especially when there is a similar overall outcome. Also, Sanders has a more favorable matchup this weekend. The Broncos are taking on the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, who are ranked at just #31 in the NFL against the pass. Sanders has a higher overall ceiling thanks to this. Finally, although Sanders has struggled in the past few weeks, he has shown great consistency. Even when he was having off weeks, his point outcome was reliable. Last game, he was able to break out of that funk and record 18.1 points against the #6 defense of the Steelers. He should prove much more reliable here than Hilton.

WR Start: Sanders

WR Sit: Hilton

Tight Ends the Key to Winning

Eric Ebron: Ebron is a mid-tier TE who has seen some strong numbers as of late. He has recorded 11 TDs so far this season for the Colts and is likely going to see more action for the remainder of the season thanks to a key teammate missing time. Yes, the Colts are taking on a strong defense in the Jacksonville Jaguars, but Ebron will not be impacted as heavily by this as the WRs will. The short game nature of the TE position leaves Ebron open for some big plays. He is priced at $5,600 and has averaged 13.2 fantasy points per game. If QB Andrew Luck relies on him like he is expected to in this matchup, then Ebron should be right around this number despite the strong defense he will be facing.

Jimmy Graham: Graham has performed at a below average capacity for the last several weeks thanks to recovering from a thumb injury. This is reflected in his lower than normal price tag of $5,800. However, with Graham only averaging 7.1 points per game this season, not many will be focusing on him. This matchup against the Arizona Cardinals is also favorable for Graham and the Packers. They’re ranked at just #19 defensively, although they’re a bit stronger when it comes to the pass. Still, Graham should benefit from this. It’s possible that Graham could have a breakout game here. He is definitely capable of far better than he has shown lately and if his thumb is at one hundred percent, then a strong showing here is quite possible. For most, it’s still too uncertain of a move, but there could still be potential if you’re happy with the risk.

TE Start: Ebron

TE Sit: Graham