FanDuel is currently offering one of the most exciting contests in all of daily fantasy sports: World Cup Soccer Pick ‘Em. In this game, you have two different goals. The first is pretty simple; your goal is to pick the winner of each game. The second goal is a bit more difficult, but still straightforward. Your task is to correctly guess the score of each game, too. The combination of these tasks is actually quite difficult to do, but that’s what makes it such an exciting game to play.

Who Do You Think Will Win the World Cup?

There are plenty of teams to pick, but try to dig a little deeper for those sleepers.

The best part of everything is that it’s free to enter this tournament. And if you win a cash prize, you can keep it, all without having to risk any money on your entry fee. Even a casual soccer fan can get behind a game like this one!

So, even though we’re several days into the World Cup, there’s a lot more action ahead. Now’s a great time to jump into this contest for your shot to win some big cash for free.

The Details

The contest is actually pretty cool because it offers a few different ways to win. The first step, picking winners correctly, gets you entry into another contest. This “freeroll” contest offers you the chance to win more money when you select a strong roster of soccer players. In this respect, FanDuel’s contest is a kind of satellite tournament.

Draft a Solid World Cup TeamAs you might have guessed, qualifying for this stage is a lot easier than the second one. When you select the correct scores of the day’s games, you win a share of the daily jackpot. Currently, the daily jackpot for this contest sits at $2,000. Depending on how others perform, you can win some or all of this with a correct set of guesses. This one is a lot harder to win, but it’s one step, and there’s no charge to try, so it’s a great way to further your enjoyment of the World Cup and give yourself a chance to win some free cash. If you’re already into the games, then you probably have a great idea of what the outcomes will be. The next step is to turn that into numbers and correctly guess who’s going to score and how much. There’s no risk for you, and it’s a ton of fun to try and pick these outcomes. Worst case scenario, you watch a lot of soccer. Best case: you get some cash. What’s better than that?

You need to make your selections before the games for the day are underway, so checking in at the end of play for the day is the best way to ensure that you have made your choices each day. FanDuel is pretty good about updating their site, so the new matchups are typically ready to go within a couple hours of the end of play for the day.

What Else is There?

FanDuel is one of the leaders in the world of daily fantasy sports, so you can be assured that there will be a lot of other games out there to choose from. For example, there’s one day fantasy soccer leagues to take part in, along with all of the other sports that are going on right now, like baseball, PGA golf, and NASCAR.

FanDuel also recently teamed up with a site called numberFire. This is a section of the site devoted to statistical analysis to help you make the most informed decisions possible when drafting teams or picking winners. Because of the many changes coming to FanDuel (like this pick ‘em game, sports betting, and more), there’s a new need for better understanding of how stats will influence the outcome of certain games. This new section is designed to help give fantasy players a better understanding of the stats behind the game, and how they can use that information to do better in their contests.

FanDuel also remains one of the leaders when it comes to fan designed leagues. This means that you can create a by invite only league to enjoy World Cup soccer action with just the people that you want to compete against. This has been a favorite on the site, and continues to be a highlight of FanDuel’s offerings.

Creating a FanDuel Account

If you don’t have a FanDuel account yet, that’s okay. Just go onto their home page and click the signup button. From here, you’ll be asked a few questions, like your name and email address. You will also be asked for your home address as daily fantasy sports or sports betting are not currently allowed in all parts of the U.S. Depending on how you are accessing FanDuel, you might be asked to turn location services on for this site, too. Once you go through this process, you will be asked to fund your account. Because this contest is free to access, you do not need to fund your account to participate. If you’re interested in other types of contests, then this can be a good time to get this step out of the way, but you’re not under any obligation to do so.