Near the End with Big Games Ahead

With Week #15 of the NFL season upon us, that means that the Playoff rush and Wildcard Weekend are almost here. This is one of the most exciting times of the year for sports fans, and you better believe that daily fantasy football sites are going to be a lot more lively than usual. If you’ve been successful so far this football season, awesome! We can still help you put together an even stronger team. If you’ve been struggling to draft a winning roster, there’s still time to turn things around. All you need to have a great season is one or two nice weeks.

This week, I will be looking at price value and matchups at FanDuel. The information I will be using can apply to other sites, but it won’t transfer perfectly. If you’re using another site, be sure to conduct your own analysis before committing to anything.

The DFS Battle at FanDuel

Be sure to get the picks you feel are correct for this weeks big games.

Running Back to the Rescue

James White: White seems like a good deal at a salary of just $6,900, but he has had an unpredictable season so far from a fantasy point of view. He has averaged 15.4 fantasy points per game, which is impressive, but he fluctuates between great scores and horrible ones. Last week against the #29 ranked Miami Dolphins defense, he only recorded 3.8 fantasy points. Unfortunately for fans of White, the Pittsburgh Steelers have one of the best defenses in the NFL this year. Currently, they are ranked #6 against the rush. This will naturally limit what the New England offense is capable of this weekend. And because Brady historically relies more on the throwing game than the Rush, White is one of the most likely players on the Patriots to see a decrease in his statistics this weekend.

Tarik Cohen: Cohen is very similarly priced as White, coming in at $6,800 this weekend. He has averaged 13.4 fantasy points per game along with 6 TDs, 4 of which were catches. Rushing, he is averaging just over 29 yards per game. Cohen and the Bears face the formidable Green Bay this weekend. Although they have a strong defense, they are at their weakest against the rush. Ranked #16 overall, they are only ranked #24 against the rush. Although Cohen doesn’t have the highest immediate value of similar RBs, once this is taken into account he rises to the top.

RB Start: Cohen

RB Sit: White

Wide Receivers Could Answer Some Questions

Corey Davis: Davis could be a surprisingly good choice this weekend at WR or in a FLEX position. He has a severely discounted salary at $5,800 and has a much higher average fantasy point total than most of those priced similarly to him at 10.2 per week. Although he is not a primary target for the Titans, he is seeing enough action per game that he can still be a strong contributor in a fantasy setting. Additionally, the Titans take on the New York Giants on Sunday who are only ranked at #19 against the pass. Because they are slightly better on the pass than the rush, the Giants will need to rely on lesser targets and the running game, which could really benefit Davis. He has only 4 TDs so far this year, but another would make for a nice bonus from a fantasy point of view.

Calvin Ridley: At first glance, Ridley looks very similar to Davis. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Although their salaries are similar (Ridley’s is $5,700) and they have similar average fantasy totals (10.8 points), Davis is expected to outperform Ridley considerably here. Ridley and the Falcons take on the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, who have a mediocre defense, but one that is especially strong against the pass. Ranked #15 overall, they are ranked #4 against the pass. Ridley, unfortunately, will see lower numbers because of this.

WR Start: Davis

WR Sit: Ridley

Quarterbacks On Fire

Josh Allen: Josh Allen has a lot on his shoulders right now, but that might be exactly what him and the Bills need right now. His salary of $7,600 is pretty low for a QB, but that could also be reflective of the expectations that people have of him. He has averaged 16.1 fantasy points per game, which is not bad considering that he’s only averaging 158.8 yards per game. The bulk of his points come from rushing, especially rushing TDS. The Bills are up against the Detroit Lions on Sunday, who have their own set of problems. Still, their defense is ranked #11 in the NFL against the pass, and Allen’s performance will likely be below par because of that. Still, if you are willing to take a gamble on Allen it could very well pay off here. He has already shown us that he can run the ball when he needs to, even into the end zone. He’s tied for #1 in the NFL when it comes to QB rushing TDs. This could help to boost his fantasy performance in a big way. At his price tag, it might be worthwhile.

Dak Prescott: Prescott is the QB that’s tied with Allen when it comes to rushing touchdowns. He has 12 more passing TDs than Allen, though. Even when you take into account the fact that Prescott has more games under his belt than Allen, he has far more potential to score points this weekend. He’s priced at $7,300, which is going to save you money right off the bat, has averaged 18.2 fantasy points per game, and has about 80 yards more passing per game than Allen. Also, he’s going up against a slightly weaker defense than the Bills are. The Cowboys will play the Indianapolis Colts, who are ranked #15 in the NFL against the pass. That puts Prescott in a situation where he should be slightly more likely to succeed than Allen. They have very similar playing styles, but Prescott has more tools in his toolbelt, and a better situation in which to use them. The only gamble with Prescott is that the Lions have a stronger rushing defense than passing.

QB Start: Prescott

QB Sit: Allen