Getting into Week Six with Solid Picks

Week #6 of the NFL season is here. Week #5 brought about a few surprises, and we will see those throughout the season. However, as the season progresses, we are starting to see some norms emerge, especially when it comes to fantasy football statistics. If you have had success so far this season drafting your daily fantasy football rosters, awesome! If not, we are here to help you. Regardless of where you fall, hopefully this brief analysis can help you to become a better fantasy football strategist.

Here, We’ve taken a look at a few of the top players in each of the major positions and have broken done which one is the better player to draft for your roster. By using a combination of value and matchup perspectives, my goal is to tell you not just who the better player is, but who will help your team to score the most fantasy points overall.

The Power of Having the Right Players

You have to select and hope you pick correctly. This is a very difficult task.

Ready? Keep reading to see who to start, and who to sit.

Top Week Six Quarterbacks

Ben Roethlisberger: Roethlisberger looks to be the top draft choice this week with Matt Ryan being listed as questionable and Kirk Cousins going up against a stronger defense. His price tag of $6,500 makes him very approachable, especially considering that he has averaged 25.1 fantasy points per game so far this season. Roethlisberger has thrown for 1,664 yards this season and has 11 TDs and 6 interceptions after 5 games. Roethlisberger’s one strike against him this week is the fact that the Bengals are ranked #23 in the NFL against quarterbacks. There will be less competitive teams out there, giving opposing QBs a lot of potential for inflated fantasy performances. Even so, Big Ben is in a good spot to thrive come Sunday.

Andy Dalton: Dalton looks like another good choice at QB. At $6,300, he’s a little bit cheaper than Roethlisberger, but his stats are not quite at the same level as Big Ben’s. He has 1,445 yards so far this season and 12 TDs after 5 games, with just 7 interceptions during that time. He has averaged 21.6 fantasy points per game. The Cincinnati Bengals are going up against a weak defensive opponent in the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are ranked at just #25 in the NFL against preventing QB fantasy points. Although the Steelers have more room to give against Dalton than the Bengals do against Roethlisberger, Dalton just has not been returning the same amount of points that I’d like to see if I’m going to include him on my roster. He will be above average here, but it won’t be enough to outperform Roethlisberger.

QB Start: Roethlisberger

QB Sit: Dalton

The Running Back to Start ion Week Six

Todd Gurley: Gurley has had a great season so far, averaging 29.3 fantasy points per game. He has rushed for an average of 83.0 yards per game and has scored 9 TDs so far this season. The L.A. Rams have relied heavily on him, and they look like they will continue to do so in Week #6. The downside of drafting him is his price. He’s going to be expensive in every league that you play, but at DraftKings, he is priced at $10,000. This makes him almost impossibly expensive to draft. However, drafting him will not be without benefit. He is almost guaranteed to be a top performer again this weekend, especially as the Rams take on the #21 ranked Denver Broncos. If you do draft Gurley, you will need to make concession all throughout your lineup, perhaps most importantly at QB.

Melvin Gordon: Gordon is perhaps the best alternative to Gurley this week. He has averaged 66.8 yards per game and has 6 TDs, averaging 26.7 fantasy points per game. These numbers are not quite at the same level as Gurley’s stats, but Gordon is also quite a bit cheaper at $8,200. This makes him far more attractive when putting together a roster. In my opinion, the huge sacrifice that drafting Gurley will have on your roster is not worth it. Even though he will likely outperform Gordon, it will cause too much damage in other areas. Drafting Gordon is the most logical choice because of this. The cut you will take in potential RB points will be more than made up by the boost you will get at other positions.

RB Start: Gordon

RB Sit: Gurley

Wide Receivers Are Key

Adam Thielen: Thielen has the highest fantasy point total of any WR in the NFL scheduled to play Sunday with a total of 27.8 per game. The bad news about Thielen is that he’s going to be expensive thanks to this success. At DraftKings, he is priced at $8,500. Unfortunately, this makes him far too expensive to be as helpful as you’d like him to be on your roster. Plus, the Arizona Cardinals have the #4 ranked defense against the passing game, which means he will probably score a below average point total in this game.

Antonio Brown: Brown faces weaker competition this weekend, but his salary of $8,700 is way too much for his average of 21.1 fantasy point per game. Brown is a great receiver, but his average at this point in the season is far too low to justify his price tag. Even if you assume a breakout game here, he’s still more harmful than helpful for fantasy play.

Mike Evans: Although Evans doesn’t have the most impressive stats coming into this week’s schedule, he does have the highest likelihood of success. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, who are ranked #27 in the NFL against the pass. With Evans’ 106.5 yards per game, he is poised to average even more this week. He has scored 3 TDs this season, and there’s a strong chance that he will add to this number. Already averaging 23.7 fantasy points per game, Evans is in a good spot to outperform his already above average numbers. With a salary of $8,100, he could be a strong pick in this situation.

WR Start: Evans

WR Sit: Thielen, Brown