Find the Good Opportunities

The NFL season is starting to wind down—the regular season, anyway. As Week #14 approaches, there are still a lot of good opportunities for you to put together a championship level daily fantasy football team. Whether you’ve been having a successful season as a fantasy manger, or you’ve been struggling to piece together a good team, this guide is designed to help you improve. By looking at value and matchups at FanDuel, we’ve put together a Start or Sit guide that will help you to make better decisions when completing your roster.

Pick the Right Guy in Week 14

We will watch how goes really step up this week. There is still a lot to be played for.

The Attention of Running Backs

Marlon Mack: Mack has strong stats for a mid-tier RB. He has averaged 13.4 fantasy points per game and has recorded 72.9 yards per game. He has also put up 5 TDs so far this season. The salary of $6,500 is pretty low compared to the number of fantasy points that he has been obtaining on a regular basis. At first, this might seem like an easy decision to draft him. But, Mack has not performed great against top ranked defenses. He only put up 3.8 points against Jacksonville, who was ranked #3 defensively. When he played them back in November, he only scored 6.8 points. Both of these are far below his average. As the Colts take on the Houston Texans, who are ranked #3 against the rush, Mack is likely to have a below average performance. Although he has strong numbers, we are probably not going to see anything this convincing out of him here. Tevin Coleman: Coleman is a bit cheaper than Mack at $6,100, but he has far more potential for a point ceiling than Mack does. Although he has only averaged 11.3 fantasy points per game, he is in a position where we actually believe he will be a few points above this. The Green Bay Packers are good, and they do have a great defense, but they are considerably weaker against the rush than they are the pass. They are ranked #13 overall, and #6 against the pass, but when it comes to the running game, they stand at a less than stellar #29. That opens up the door for the Falcons to rely far more heavily on Coleman than they usually do. This should equal opportunity for Atlanta, and more points for Coleman. RB Start: Coleman RB Sit: Mack

Wide Receivers Can Jump

Emmanuel Sanders: Sanders has been a tough one to figure out lately. Last week, it seemed like he would have a breakout game, which is impressive considering the fact that he’s had some strong games already. The Broncos took on the #32 ranked defense in the Cincinnati Bengals, yet Sanders only put up 3.9 fantasy points. His yearlong average currently stands at 13.6 points, which can make him seem like a great deal with a price tag of just $6,800. However, there’s a level of uncertainty around how Sanders will perform, especially now that he’s facing a better defense in the San Francisco 49ers, who are ranked #13 against the pass. Yes, Sanders has some great potential here. But thanks to the risk that’s involved with drafting him, there are other players who can provide more stability to your roster for a smaller salary. Josh Gordon: One of those players is Josh Gordon. His price tag of $6,700 makes him approachable, but his stats are a little lower than some of the others that are similarly priced. He has averaged 62.2 yards per game and has just 4 TDs so far this season, earning himself an average of 10.4 fantasy points per game. However, the Patriots are in a favorable matchup this week, and Gordon is in a place where he could really thrive, especially if Julian Edelman is covered more heavily than usual. The Miami Dolphins are ranked #21 against the passing game, which means that QB Tom Brady is likely to use Gordon considerably. This seems like a great opportunity to draft the number two WR from New England and get ready to see more points than usual out of him. In similar situations, Gordon has even seen his average point total go up against better teams, especially when the coverage on Edelman was stronger. There’s no guarantee that this will happen on Sunday, but many of the indicators say that it will. WR Start: Gordon WR Sit: Sanders

Quarterbacks to Watch

Andrew Luck: Luck is one of the most talented QBs in the NFL, but has not really shown that from a statistics point of view. That’s a warning sign right there. Talent doesn’t always translate into results, and that’s what a lot of Luck fans are finding out this season—to their disappointment. Still, with a price tag of $7,900, he’s a lot more attractive this week than many of those QBs who are ranked above him. He’s averaged 21.8 fantasy points per game this season with a total of 32 TDs. However, he has shown some flaws in the last couple weeks. Last week, the Colts were unable to record a TD and Luck was held to just 248 yards passing. He only scored 10.5 fantasy points, which is incredibly low for a top ranked QB. That’s part of the reason for his discount here. Another thing to pay attention to with Luck is that the Houston defense is ranked just #18 against the pass. Last week, the Jacksonville defense was ranked #3. That’s a big difference, and those flaws of Luck’s could just disappear. Tom Brady: Brady is not the fantasy star that he once was, but this is a strong matchup for him. The Miami Dolphins are much weaker against the passing game than other teams that the Pats have faced, and that’s where Brady shines. His price tag of $7,600 also helps add to his appeal. He’s averaged just 18.2 points per game this season, but that number is likely to go up. With his 278.5 passing yards per game, Brady could do some real damage against the Fish, especially if his main targets stay open. QB Start: Brady QB Sit: Luck