It’s championship weekend in the NFL. The AFC Championship and the NFC Championship games are this weekend, and that means that this is the last chance for daily fantasy football competitions this season. Hopefully, you’ve had a really successful season so far. If you haven’t, this is your chance. Read over our analysis to take a look at some of the top ranked players and get a better idea of who is worth drafting for your fantasy team, and who you should stay away from. Our value analysis will provide you with another way of looking at the game, and hopefully will provide you with a stronger team.


Tom Brady: Brady is always a strong player to have on your team in the playoffs. The issue with Brady is that everyone knows he’s a strong player to have, and a lot of your competitors are going to draft him. At $7,700, he is a risky choice at QB, even if he performs well. He’s averaged 20.8 fantasy points this season, for a price of $370 per potential point. That’s not a bad price, but at quarterback, it is a bit high. The Jaguars have the #5 defense against QB points in the NFL, which could potentially limit Brady. Again, he’s one of those players that plays best when the stakes are highest, but from a purely statistical point of view, Brady seems like a costly risk in this slot.

Blake Bortles: Bortles might be a surprising choice against Brady, especially because the Jacksonville Jaguars will be playing the New England Patriots. But, if you’re not going to use Brady, Bortles is actually the next logical choice. As far as starting QBs go, he is ranked #2 in fantasy points behind Brady with an average of 17.2. His price tag of $5,000 makes him far cheaper than Brady, too. That’s a cost of $290 per point, which is just about as cheap as it gets. In fact, it’s so cheap that even if Bortles has a below par game, you will still be getting a great deal on him. Many will avoid Bortles because the Pats are a favorite here. However, the Pats are actually ranked #29 in the NFL when it comes to limiting QB fantasy points. That makes Bortles a great potential pick. He’s such a strong value pick that even if the Jags lose, Bortles will outperform other QBs.

QB Start: Bortles

QB Sit: Brady

Running Back

Leonard Fournette: Fournette has been a leader this season at the RB position, and as the Jaguars advance to the AFC Championship, he is going to continue to see a lot of carries. The Patriots have been successful this season against the rush, coming in at #7 in the NFL when it comes to limiting fantasy points. But from a value perspective, Fournette is an attractive choice. He has a price tag of $7,200 and has averaged 19.4 points per game. He has the best fantasy record, and his price puts him at #2 for the weekend. His cost of $371 per point is one of the best you will find with the available choices.

James White: White has not been a top choice by Patriots management, but he is in a unique position this week. The #2 pick for the Patriots is questionable at this time, and White is likely to see more playing time than normal. Brady tends to be a pass heavy QB, but Jacksonville really struggles against the rush. With a cost of just $4,900 and an average of 10.3 points per game, White has a cost of $475 per point. That’s a pretty high number, but it is manageable—even if it doesn’t improve. With more carries, this number is going to be much higher than first look tells us, making White a great sleeper choice for this competition.

RB Start: White

RB Sit: Fournette