Fantasy Fun Continues

Week #4 of the NFL season is here, and that means another weekend of daily fantasy football. If you’re a big football fan, this is an exciting time to play DFS sports. The games are heating up in intensity and we are starting to see the true talent that each team and each player is bringing with him. We have a lot more reliable information on statistics and expected performances at this point in the season. That can make drafting a team a lot easier.

But everyone else has access to that same information. That will make your DFS leagues a lot more competitive. In order to win your league, you need to use that information better than your opponents will. That’s why we’ve put together this resource for you. By taking a value approach to drafting your daily fantasy football roster, you can gain an edge where others do not.

It’s Time to Get Your Week Four Picks in Order

If you have to make the tough decisions that’s a good thing. Just be ready.

With that said, let’s get started looking at this week’s top picks—and who to stay away from.


Aaron Rodgers: Rodgers is the number one pick at QB again this week. There’s no doubt that he’s having a strong season. After three games, he’s thrown 6 TDs for a total of 832 yards. There have been 0 interceptions, and he has one of the strongest offensive lives in football protecting him. With a salary of $6,800 at DraftKings, it’s hard to say no to Rodgers, even though he’s the most expensive QB this week. However, drafting Rodgers in this situation is a poor value play. He’s only averaging 20.3 fantasy points per game right now, and when you compare that return to his price, Rodgers is far too expensive to justify drafting here.

Philip Rivers: Rivers has a far more desirable expected value this weekend. For one, he’s cheaper at $6,500, but maintains comparable statistics. After three games, he has 9 TDs, 906 yards, and 1 interception. His average fantasy point total per game currently sits at 24.2, ranking him ahead of Rodgers. Yes, there are other QBs that have higher weekly averages right now, but none of those QBs have as weak of a defense to compete against as the Chargers do. They take on the San Francisco 49ers this weekend, putting Rivers in a position to have an above average game Sunday.

QB Start: Rivers

QB Sit: Rodgers

Running Back

Alvin Kamara: Kamara is ranked #1 at RB again this week. That’s no surprise here. Kamara has had one of the hottest starts to a season that you can imagine, and his stats completely backup his high ranking. His price tag stands at $9,600 this week, making him unapproachable for most rosters, though. He has 3 TDs so far this season, along with an average of 47 yards per game. Eventually, these numbers will not support the fantasy stats that he is producing. Currently, that number sits at 33.7 fantasy points per game. This is incredibly strong, and Kamara is going to have one of the biggest challenges he’s had yet this season on Sunday. The New Orleans Saints take on the New York Giants, who have the #8 best defense in the NFL against the rush. Kamara will have a great game, but it probably won’t be a $9,600 type game.

Melvin Gordon: Gordon is the #2 ranked RB this week with a price tag of $8,300. That’s more than $1,000 behind Kamara. Gordon has 4 TDs this year, averaging 57.3 yards per game. Again, this number is not sustainable, but Gordon is likely to have another strong game as the Chargers take on the #18 ranked rush defense in the NFL. The 49ers have their fair share of struggles this season, and QB Rivers is likely to rely heavily on Gordon to get the job done. Will his performance be worthy of his price tag? Maybe. The chances of Gordon producing a high value outing are much higher than Kamara doing the same. The only drawback to drafting both Rivers and Gordon this game is that it doesn’t diversify your risk. If one has a bad game, the other is likely to do the same. If this happens, then your entire roster is likely shot. However, if they both have a great game, it will skyrocket you to the top of the standings. The call is up to you.

RB Start: Gordon

RB Sit: Kamara

Wide Receiver

Odell Beckham: Beckham might seem like a strange consideration at WR this weekend, but he’s actually going to be one of your top value picks at the position. First, his price tag of $8,700 is a little high based upon what we’ve seen so far this season, but only from a fantasy perspective. He’s averaging 90.3 yards per game right now, and even though he has 0 TDs—which is why his fantasy points are lower than they should be—he is still having a strong season. The TD problem will eventually go away; the law of averages says that it must. When you are putting up 90+ yards per game on a weekly basis, eventually the numbers will even out. There’s no better time than Sunday for that to happen. The Giants take on the New Orleans Saints, and although they have a great offense, their defense against the pass leaves a lot to be desired. Beckham is in a good spot to reap the benefits of that.

DeAndre Hopkins: Hopkins has stronger numbers than Beckham this season and he’s cheaper, but he’s not the right choice here. He’s averaging 91.3 yards per game and has a TD, but Hopkins is taking on a much stronger team than Beckham and has a lower ceiling of opportunity as a result. Hopkins and the Houston Texans face the Indianapolis Colts Sunday—the team that currently has the 3rd best defense in the NFL against the pass. Hopkins will be heavily targeted and we expect to see a below average game from him as a result.

WR Start: Beckham

WR Sit: Hopkins