Very recently, DraftStreet, one of the biggest names in daily fantasy sports, was acquired by DraftKings. The combination of these two sites might seem confusing at first, but for the fantasy sports enthusiast, this is actually a pretty exciting thing. It means that there will be more contests and tournaments, higher payouts, and a bigger pool of competition at all ends and at all ability levels. In other words, for fantasy sports fans, there is an even bigger opportunity now for you to start making money showing off your sports knowledge over the short term.
Draftkings Takes over Draft Street
A recent press release indicated that DraftKings will be keeping many of the more popular features that DraftStreet had. There were many fans of this site, so it is reassuring that DraktKings is going to keep the aspects of the site that were well loved. Hopefully, this will create a better experience for users of both sites than what they had before.

There will be a transition for players at DraftStreet, of course, but DraftKings is looking to make this as seamless and beneficial as possible. They have already stated that there will be a bonus of up to 100 percent on balance transfers from one site to the other, effectively allowing you to double your cash and increase your potential for future earnings in a really big way. This alone makes the acquisition a remarkably good thing for former DraftStreet clients.

Finally, remember that these sites were only around because of players like you. It’s your money and interest that keeps them going. DraftKings might be an unfamiliar site to you if you had only used DraftStreet in the past, but they still value your business. If you have any questions or concerns about the transition, contacting their customer service department is probably the best decision. They will be able to walk you through your issues more efficiently than looking things up on the web for yourself and can get you started with the new platform faster than anyone else.

DraftKings has ongoing promotions all the time, and they offer all of the major sports at many different payout levels, including a play for free option. If you’re new to fantasy sports, or just new to one day leagues, there is a lot to check out and see here.