DFS Wild Card Weekend 2019

Well, just like that we are watching coaches get fired and hired and fans gearing up for the playoffs. This weekend will kick off this year’s NFL wild-card weekend. It will be up to you on whether you play Saturday games, Sunday games, a combination of both days or all of the above. We will do our best to give you wild card DFS picks no matter the slate you play.

Ready to draft a winning team this weekend? Keep reading.

Wild Card weekend is here! It’s one of the biggest weeks in the NFL season—the first week of the playoffs.

Who is Ready for the NFL Playoffs

Limited players isn’t something new for us DFS players. Get ready to take some risks.

Whatever daily fantasy sports site you play at, our handpicked position choices will help get you steered in the right direction. We have provided a couple of choices at each position for you to help give you a degree of customization over your choices or to give some guidance if you’re not quite sure which direction to go.


Josh Allen: Allen and the Bills go up against the Houston Texans—and a weak passing defense. Allen’s relatively fresh but has shown he can put points on the scoreboard when necessary. The Bills might not be favorites, but Allen will produce some fantasy points at a discounted price this weekend.

Russell Wilson: Wilson’s big advantage over Allen is experience. He’s played in these kinds of games before and has proven to be successful. His Seahawks are going up against the third weakest defense scheduled to play this weekend, too. However, Seattle has a distinct advantage over the Philadelphia Eagles, and this has driven Wilson’s salary up a bit.

Running Back

Devin Singletary: Singletary benefits from the weak rushing defense on Houston’s behalf. If Allen doesn’t go big, Singletary will. By drafting him, you are creating some diversity, while benefiting from different strengths on the same team.

Boston Scott: If you want more diversity, than Scott is your man. The Eagles have a decent QB in Wentz, and Seattle doesn’t have the greatest rushing defense.

Wide Receiver

Tyler Lockett: The Seahawks have a good edge over the Philly defense. If Wilson has a good game, Lockett will too. It’s a risky move, but the synergy could pay off.

Julian Edelman: Edelman is listed as questionable, but if he does play, he has a lot to offer. Tom Brady likes to throw the ball, and Edelman has been his #1 target this year. Keep an eye on him and draft him if he’s good to play but stay far from him until that’s confirmed early on Saturday.

Tight End

Dallas Goedert: Goedert is likely to see more action than usual this weekend as Zach Ertz is still listed as Questionable. The Seattle defense has struggled against the TE position all season, so expect to see him be a target this weekend.

Jonnu Smith: The big drawback to Smith is that the Titans are outmatched against the New England Patriots. That shouldn’t stop his individual production levels, though. Use Goedert if you have the salary, but Smith can be a decent backup.

Make sure you check out FanDuel to get your picks in this weekend. You have more football weekends ahead so get ready now.