DFS Wild Card Weekend 2019

The regular season has come to an end and the playoffs have begun. This weekend marks the first round of playoff action, but there are still a few chances left for you to put together a strong daily fantasy football team. We’re back at FanDuel once again to help you draft your best team. Whether you’ve had a great fantasy season and you’re looking to cap it off with an even better performance, you’ve been struggling the whole season, or this is the first time you’ve attempted to put together a DFS team, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll look at value and matchups to help you put together the best team you possibly can.

Ready to draft a winning team this weekend? Keep reading.

Who is Ready for the NFL Playoffs

Limited players isn’t something new for us DFS players. Get ready to take some risks.

Running Backs in the Hunt

Marlon Mack: Mack has been one of the go-to Running Backs all season for fantasy managers. With the smaller field to choose from he will undoubtedly see a much higher usage percentage than normal. He’s priced competitively at $7,200 and has the second highest fantasy point average of any RB scheduled to play this weekend at 14.1. However, things with Mack are not nearly as easy as they seem here. The Indianapolis Colts will be playing the Houston Texans, who have been very strong all season against defending the rush. They are ranked #3 in the NFL here, while they are only ranked #28 in the NFL against the pass. Because QB Andrew Luck does have a good passing game, it looks like Mack will see a lower than normal amount of targets, and lower fantasy numbers as a result of this.

Lamar Miller: Miller has not had as nearly impressive of a season as Mack has, yet there’s a greater chance of him outperforming this weekend. Miller has averaged 11.4 fantasy points and has a price tag of just $6,400. Miller and the Texans will be playing Indianapolis, who has the #8 ranked rushing defense in the NFL. At this point in the postseason, there will not be a lot of bad defenses out there, and although #8 is still very tough, it’s one of the weaker defenses playing in this round of the playoffs. The reason why Miller is the best choice this weekend isn’t that he’s the best RB, but that he’s in a position to have the best fantasy performance. After all, this is daily fantasy football! With the Colts having a comparatively weaker rushing defense, Miller is in the best position to shine.

RB Start: Miller

RB Sit: Mack

Wide Receivers Picking Up The Pace

Tyler Lockett: Lockett is priced at $7,000 this weekend and has averaged 12.1 fantasy points per game during the regular season. Although he’s not the most expensive WR from the Seahawks, he has posted the best and most consistent numbers for the team. He has averaged 60.3 yards per game and has 10 TDs on the season. This helps make the case for drafting Lockett over WR Baldwin. Seattle will be playing the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday, and although the Cowboys have a decent defense, they are much better on the rush than they are the pass. They are ranked #5 in the NFL against the rush, but only #13 against the pass. This whole in the Dallas defense will be to Lockett’s benefit, and we should expect him to perform at or near his average numbers come this weekend.

DeAndre Hopkins: Hopkins is the #1 ranked WR playing this weekend. His price tag of $9,500 makes him the most expensive player of the first round of the playoffs at FanDuel. There’s a good reason why he’s so expensive—he has the stats to back it up. He’s had 11 receiving TDs on the season and averages 98.3 yards per game. The question surrounding Hopkins is: is he worth the price here? The Texans play the Colts this weekend, and although they have a decent defense, they are noticeably weaker on the passing game, creating an opportunity for Hopkins to perform at his average ability. However, although the Colts do have a weaker defensive line against the pass, Hopkins has performed poorly against them in other instances this season. Although he’s averaging 17.3 fantasy points per game, he only put up 11.6 when he played them in early December. Unfortunately, Hopkins is overpriced in this situation because of that. You can stretch your salary cash further by looking somewhere else.

WR Start: Lockett

WR Sit: Hopkins

Quarterbacks Looking for the Big Game

Andrew Luck: Luck is in a great position this weekend to post strong numbers. As mentioned above, the Texans are ranked just #28 in the NFL against the passing game. Going into this weekend, Luck has the highest average weekly fantasy point total of any other QB scheduled to play, and thanks to his matchup, will have a great opportunity to post an above average performance. With 39 total TDs this season and an average of 287.1 passing yards per game, Luck is a strong pick here. He’s priced at $8,400, which makes him the second most expensive QB. But when it comes to fantasy performance, he should be ranked #1 thanks to the 21.4 points he has averaged per game during the regular season.

Deshaun Watson: Watson is the most expensive QB going into the weekend, with a salary of $8,800. He has averaged 260.3 yards passing per game and has recorded 31 TDs. His fantasy point average per game stands at 21.3, which puts him right next to Luck for the season. However, the Colts have a much stronger passing defense than the Texans do, giving Luck a higher ceiling than what Watson will see. The Colts are ranked #16 against the pass, which will limit Watson’s ability to score big on the fantasy front. Although the Texans are slight favorites going into this game and a strong game is still expected from him, Watson is not likely to have as strong of a game from a passing or fantasy perspective as Luck is.

QB Start: Luck

QB Sit: Watson