Conference Championships 2019 DFS Picks

We are another week closer to the conclusion of the NFL season. This weekend is the Conference Championships for both the AFC and the NFC, marking the final weekend of daily fantasy football in the NFL for the 2018-19 season. As we march into the home stretch of the season, there’s still a lot of questions that need to be answered, but right now, we need to focus on drafting a strong fantasy roster.

We’ll be looking at statistics and numbers from FanDuel for Sunday’s games. Although some of this data might be helpful at other DFS sites, you will find the best results for your personal roster if you apply this data right into a FanDuel team.

Either way, good luck! This will be one of the most exciting weekends yet when it comes to football. Make sure to check out our advice before you finalize your roster for Sunday so that you can give yourself the biggest advantage possible in your DFS league.

Conference Champions Will be Claimed

Only a Couple more weekends left to play DFS football. Get in on the fun.

Running Backs Are All Set

James White: White is the top scoring RB on the Patriots at this point in the season. Even though he is similarly priced to Sony Michel, White is a better selection thanks to his great versatility. Last weekend, he had 17 targets and 15 receptions, turning those opportunities into 97 yards receiving. That’s a lot of action for an RB, and it shows that no matter what the defense throws at New England, White will be able to produce. He has 12 TDs this year, 5 passing and 7 receiving. While neither of these alone are impressive during 16 games of the regular season, it is a stunning mixture. At $7,700 and 14.6 fantasy points per game, White has a level of security and peace of mind that comes along with including him on your roster.

Damien Williams: Williams doesn’t have impressive numbers when compared against other top RBs in the NFL, but given what’s available this weekend, he’s a top five choice this weekend. He’s priced at $7,200 and has recorded 8.7 fantasy points per game on average. He has 6 TDs total this season, including 2 receiving. Williams could be a good mid-tier choice this weekend, but there are better value picks out there, which will push him down to the bottom of the list. There are instances where he could be of use, so don’t be quick to dismiss him, but it’s likely that White will provide more benefits at only a little great of a cost.

RB Start: White

RB Sit: Williams

Wide Receiver Conditions are Different

Michael Thomas: Thomas is the most expensive WR this weekend, with a salary of $8,800. He has averaged 15.8 fantasy points per game so far this season. What this doesn’t take into account is the fact that Thomas seems to be playing better than ever now that it’s the playoffs. He just set a New Orleans franchise record with a total of 171 yards as the Saints defeated the Philadelphia Eagles last weekend. Momentum seems to be on his side. However, the Rams have a stronger defense against the pass than the Eagles, coming in with a #14 in the NFL rank. Thomas is likely to revert back to his averages rather than repeat his stellar performance. It’s good to know what he’s capable of, he’s just not that likely to repeat it in this situation. Given his hefty price tag, it’s not worth gambling that he does so, either.

Tyreek Hill: Of the remaining choices at WR, Hill has had the best fantasy performance. With a price tag of $8,400, Hill has averaged 18.2 fantasy points per game. He’s cheaper than Thomas, but has had a higher rated fantasy performance so far this season, at least according to FanDuel’s metrics. The biggest selling point on Hill is the fact that he is going up against New England this weekend. Although the Patriots have a decent defense, they have been much worse against the passing game this season than they have been against the rush. While they have the #11 ranked rushing defense, they are ranked only #22 against the pass. Kansas City is likely to rely more heavily on throwing the ball than trying to run it, and that means that Hill is likely to see more targets than his already high average indicates.

WR Start: Hill

WR Sit: Thomas

Quarterbacks Going for the Prize

Drew Brees: Brees and the Saints have a tough task ahead of them this Sunday. Brees has recorded great numbers all season, both on the field and in the daily fantasy football stat books, but the Los Angeles Rams defense has been pretty tough against the pass. They are coming into Sunday’s game ranked #14 in the NFL, making them much stronger against the pass than they are the rush. He has 36 TDs this season and has averaged 266.1 passing yards per game, which puts him close to the top of the rankings in the NFL across the board. However, with a price tag of $8,800 and an average of 20.6 fantasy points per game, Brees is in a position where he just doesn’t have the value that we need to see in him this game. Because of his matchup, we expect him to perform at or below his fantasy benchmark come Sunday. When you’re the second most expensive QB scheduled to play, more value than this is needed. As great as Brees can be, he doesn’t have the right matchup to start on your roster this weekend.

Jared Goff: Of the four QBs scheduled to start this Sunday, Goff is in the most favorable position of any of them. He’s also the cheapest of the four, making him an even better pick. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he will score the highest fantasy point total this weekend, but it does give him a distinct value advantage. With a price tag of just $8,000, Goff has averaged 20.1 fantasy points per game this season. He’s also playing against the New Orleans defense, which has been notoriously weak against the passing game this season for a top ranked team. They are ranked #29 in the NFL against the pass, but #2 against the rush. It stands to reason that Goff will be throwing the ball a lot come Sunday. He’s thrown 34 TDs this season; we should expect to see at least two more out of him by the end of the weekend.

QB Start: Goff

QB Sit: Brees