Another Green Jacket 2019

The first Major Championship of the 2019 PGA Tour season gets underway on Thursday, April 11th. The Masters is always one of the most exciting events of the year, even if you’re not a diehard golf fan. This year’s lineup looks to be very competitive, which should make this four-day event a lot of fun to watch.

If you’re a daily fantasy sports fan, having a strong lineup going into the tournament can make it even more enjoyable. Here, we’ve put together a little bit of analysis to help you make the strongest roster you can. We’ve also been sure to include a couple of golfers that you might be considering because they’ve received a lot of media attention going into this tourney. However, because they do not have the stats to back up their large price tags, we urge you to stay away from them when drafting your roster.

This week, we’re looking at DraftKings for fantasy information. If you’re using a different DFS site, please know that the analysis will not translate perfectly, but can still be a decent guide when making decisions.

Who Will Win the Masters in 2019?

Every year is different when it comes to the Masters. Get your DFS picks on at DraftKings today.

Top Golfers to Consider

Of the top five ranked golfers at DraftKings, only two should really be capturing your attention. While there is worth in the others, their price tags are a bit too high to warrant serious consideration when you consider their expected fantasy point returns. While value isn’t necessarily the only way to make a decision on your roster, it is one of the best ways to determine a good pick at the upper levels of your roster. Spending less to get more is a smart fantasy strategy form any perspective, but when dealing with the most expensive athletes in the game, it is the best way to proceed most of the time.

Dustin Johnson: Johnson has seven top 10 finishes so far this season, along with two wins. He’s averaging 69.0 strokes per round and has averaged 93.9 fantasy points per tournament. That puts him at number two when it comes to strokes and number four when it comes to fantasy points when compared to everyone else in the top ten entered in this tournament. Johnson is the second most expensive golfer in the field, but if your roster is adjusted correctly, he can easily fit in with the rest of your drafted athletes. He is currently priced at $11,300, making him someone you will definitely need to budget for.

Justin Thomas: Thomas is another golfer that deserves your consideration. Thomas has made ten out of ten cuts this season and has five top ten finishes. He’s ranked third overall when it comes to fantasy points per tournament and has the lowest stroke count per round average of the top entrants at 68.8 per round. He hasn’t played much at this point in the season, with most of his focus headed toward getting into top shape for this particular tournament. He has a history of success at the Majors, and we expect great things from him. The fact that his stats are so impressive and that he is only ranked at #5 with a price tag of $10,200 doesn’t hurt, either.

Other golfers to consider for your roster include Bryson DeChambeau, Tommy Fleetwood, and Hideki Matsuyama.

Golfers to Stay Away From

If we’re going to talk about golfers to shy away from in this tournament, it’s first important to realize why we recommend not placing these golfers in your lineup. These are undoubtedly great athletes, but the point of daily fantasy golf is to get the highest point total. This often entails spending less money to get more points so that you can maximize the amount of talent on your roster.

Tiger Woods: Woods is the first golfer that isn’t worth including on your roster. He has improved remarkably in the last 12 months, and seeing his name on the Masters lineup brings a bit of satisfaction along with it, especially because he had been recovering from injuries for so long. However, he has the lowest stats by far of any golfer in the top 7 when it comes to price range, according to DraftKings. He is priced at $10,500 but has only averaged 80.8 fantasy points per tournament in his last five tourneys. The biggest and most competitive of these five was also tied for his worst fantasy performance. People will draft Woods, and he will probably do slightly better than expected. That is how he has always performed at this tournament. But even that will not offset the big disadvantage that his current statistics put him at. He’s far too expensive to be a helpful addition to any roster.

Jordan Spieth: Spieth is another top-ranked golfer that has a bit too much hype going into this tournament. He has only made 6 out of 9 cuts, is averaging 58.6 fantasy points, and hasn’t yet seen a top ten finish this season. His best finish so far this season is T30, which he recorded last week at the Valero Texas Open. Again, Spieth does have a reputation for bringing his best when it comes to the Major Championships. But he has shown us several times already this year that he’s not ready to play his best golf yet. There’s a chance that we could be way off here, but the level of consistency that we expect from Spieth doesn’t seem to be in place at this early point in the season.