Already Kicking into Week Two

Week 1 of the NFL season was exciting, and there were even a handful of upset games and surprises on the daily fantasy football front. Hopefully, you had a strong team put together and dominated your league. Either way, Week 2 is a completely new week, with plenty of opportunity to stay at the top or work your way back up there. Now that we know a little bit more about the players and what they’re capable of, pricing will be a lot more accurate at DraftKings and FanDuel, which will make the games a lot more competitive.

That’s why it’s important to put together the best team that you can. This analysis is one way to help you get there. We’ve looked at the math behind the most popular players and the most important positions in order to help you make more educated decisions about who you draft, and who you should stay far away from.

Ready to win your league in Week 2? You’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading.

Playing the Strong Week Two Players

Here we are again with some updated picks for week Two. Get them in today.


Aaron Rodgers: Rodgers had one of the best fantasy performance of any of the top ranking QBs last weekend, scoring 24.9 fantasy points according to DraftKings scoring system. That included 3 passing touchdowns, 290 yards passing, and even 43 yards of rushing. He completed just 57.8 percent of his throws—which is actually a bit low for Rodgers. His QB Rating was one of the lowest that we’ve seen from him in the last couple years. Rodgers was able to create great fantasy numbers despite an abnormally poor game last week, which bodes well for him in fantasy leagues. A lot of casual players will stay away from him which will drive his price down, but we can still expect good things from him. That is, if he plays. Rodgers is currently listed as Questionable. Even more disturbing, Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers go against the #4 ranked passing defense in the Minnesota Vikings. It’s probably best to stay away from Rodgers this weekend, even if he does play.

Deshaun Watson: Watson is an incredibly undervalued player heading into this weekend. From a DFS point of view, he holds a ton of potential. He scored 38.8 fantasy points in his last strong game, although he looked far more human this past weekend against the New England Patriots. This weekend, the defense will be a bit stronger, but that only means we will see numbers more down to earth for him—which are still higher than a lot of other QBs that are more expensive than he is. The Tennessee Titans have the #19 ranked defense against QBs in the NFL, which gives Watson a lot of room to shine here, even if he is below 30 fantasy points. With the 402 yards and 4 TDs that he threw against Seattle last season, he can have a weaker game and still be the top choice at Quarterback. As long as his energy remains high, he should be fine. Hopefully, the first week worked all of the kinks out of his game.

Running Back

David Johnson: Johnson is the most expensive RB in league, according to DraftKings. He had just 37 yards on 9 attempts for a total of 4.1 yards per rushing attempt. However, despite that limited play, Johnson was able to secure a TD for the Cardinals. It was his first week back after a season ending injury early last season, and his coaches were understandably cautious with him. This week, as Johnson is prepared to take a more aggressive approach, we should expect better out of him—but will it be enough to warrant his huge salary? At $8,200, we need to see amazing results if we’re going to draft him. However, we also need to keep in mind that the Los Angeles Rams have the #30 rated defense against the rush. Even with a mediocre game, Johnson could post amazing numbers. He could be worthwhile, but it is a riskier play. I would personally avoid him in a DFS setting this weekend because I want my risky plays to have less of a negative impact on my overall roster, but Johnson could have a breakout game here.

Melvin Gordon: Gordon seems like a better choice at RB. His salary is a lot lower ($7,400 at DraftKings), and his stats are a little bit better. Gordon had 64 yards on 15 attempts last week. This week, the Los Angeles Chargers play the Buffalo Bills, who have a lot of momentum going against them—even against the running game where they have been historically strong. But right now, the Bills are ranked just #31 against the rush and Gordon suddenly has a lot of potential to dominate here. Does Gordon have the same huge ceiling as Johnson? No. But his potential for a lower scoring game is a lot less, making him a much safer choice.

Wide Receiver

DeAndre Hopkins: Hopkins had a rough game against the New England Patriots, but that was more of his QBs fault than his own. He was targeted 11 times, had 8 receptions, and a total of 78 yards, which are actually really good numbers for that small of a sample. There were no TDs. This weekend should be much smoother. We expect big things from Hopkins this weekend, but again, his inclusion on a team comes down to salary. He’s priced at $8,000, which is really expensive for what he showed last week. But, it’s really cheap for what he’s capable of. The Titans are a weaker overall team than the Patriots, and even though their defense might be stronger, the Texans are a team that can easily dominate once they get some momentum on their side.

Keenan Allen: Allen has a lot of hype working for him now, but this is not the week to take him as your top WR. The Bills might have been a laughingstock last weekend, but QB Rivers is not going to rely on Allen as much in this setting as he did last week. Allen had 8 receptions for a total of 108 yards and a TD. Yes, a couple good plays could set him apart, but the Bills defense has been stronger against the pass than the rush lately, and Allen will likely be used a little less in this setting, especially against a team that should be an easy win.