Part of drafting a great MLB roster for your daily fantasy sports league is to know which underpriced players will bring you the most value. Some players are quite easy to draft every time they play. Bryce Harper is having a great season, and even on a bad day, you can still count on him for a few fantasy points as his eye is getting better and drawing walks is becoming more common with him. He will still bring your average salary remaining per player down, though. Finding great players at a price below that number is your goal if you want to be a winner so that you can spend money on the big name players (especially pitchers), too.

So, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 picks for cheap daily fantasy baseball players.

5: Lorenzo Cain. Cain is having a great year on a great team, and somehow receives no credit for it. That’s good for you, though, as you can draft him in the outfield for cheaper than the average good outfielder. He’s consistent with a .307 batting average, has some power with his 12 homeruns, and is scoring runs and driving them in consistently. He’s not a huge power guy, but he makes up for that by getting on base a lot. His on base percentage is .361, and his OPS is .850.

4: A.J. Pollock. Pollock has been posting phenomenal numbers lately. The only problem with this is that the rest of the fantasy world is starting to catch on to it. Still, if you are looking for an OF player that is not named Harper or Trout, Pollock is one of the first places you should look. His .324 batting average is enough on its own to say this, but he also has 13 homers and an OPS number of .871. These have only improved over the last few weeks. Jump on him now before the rest of your league realizes what is happening.

3: Chris Heston: Heston might be the only pitcher on this list, and for good reason. Pitchers tend to be overpriced comparatively, but only because of how much value they provide. Heston is one of the very few that are still really cheap, but posting good numbers. He has an 11-7 record, 110 strikeouts, and a K/IP number of 0.76. These are not top tier starting pitcher numbers in daily fantasy baseball, but they do make for a cheap yet effective backup if you find power in other places on your roster and want to cut costs without losing a lot of points.

2: J.D. Martinez: Martinez has a .287 batting average, which is nice, but it’s the 32 homers that make him standout. In leagues where power is your best choice, Martinez is one of the names you should be turning to as you fill your OF. His .900 OPS indicates that he is the real deal this season. He even can steal a base once in a while, which is a nice little bonus to your fantasy score if you’re lucky enough to take advantage of this.

1: Logan Forsythe. On the Tampa Bay Rays, getting recognition is tough. They are not a contender this year, and there are other big names, but Forsythe is leading the charge. He has a .281 batting average, 14 homers, and is consistently providing runs. His OPS is low at just .798, but he is constantly improving. He is one of those players that will always provide more points than his price tag indicates. He’s not someone you should be drafting first for your roster, but when it comes to the second base position, he’s a great buy as he is in a weak position and flying under the radar. This provides a cheap way to fill your weak spots on your roster and it does it without sacrificing fantasy points.