The US Open is Coming

The 2019 U.S. Open will be held at Pebble Beach this year, and the lineup is one of the most exciting ones we’ve seen in a few years. This is one of the biggest tournaments of the year for the PGA Tour, and the best golfers in the world will be present. It also means that it will be one of the biggest events of the year for fans of daily fantasy sports. This year, the third Major Championship of the season will kick off with Round One on June 13th and extend through Sunday, June 16th with the fourth round. Daily fantasy golf will cut off open slots right before the first round begins, so be sure to get your entries in ahead of time so you don’t miss out. And if you need some guidance when it comes to drafting a roster for your team, we’re here to help. Keep reading to see our commentary on some of the top golfers entered in the tournament and how they might fit into your roster.

Set a 2019 US Open Roster

The US Open will bring some exciting Golf. Get your DFS Golf Picks in at Draftkings

Who to Consider

There are a lot of great golfers headed into this tournament, but Tiger Woods is likely the most talked about at the moment. There are a couple things that are working against Woods from a fantasy perspective at this moment, though. He had a stunning surprise victory this year at the Masters, where he was already significantly overpriced. Although his win did pay off for those that drafted him onto their team, it was a highly unlikely victory. That is bad news moving into this particular tournament. Because he is so popular right now, he will be far more expensive than he was at the Masters, comparatively speaking. Furthermore, his expected value has not increased at the same rate. He’s played some amazing golf at Pebble Beach in the past, but he’s nowhere close to his prime and this course requires masterful putting. At this point, the odds are against Woods, unless you can find him at a severe discount. Brooks Koepka is another golfer that is receiving a lot of attention. He’s won four out of his last eight Majors, which is amazing. According to Las Vegas, he is the favorite to win this event heading into it. That will make him an expensive golfer to draft across the board, but he might very well be worth the price that you pay for him. It depends on the site that you’re using if he’s worth the expense. Dustin Johnson is another golfer who will see a lot of DFS attention. He’s ranked #1 in the world right now, which carries a lot of prestige with it. Johnson has struggled in the Major Championships as of late, but he’s always played well at Pebble Beach, there’s a good chance that this could be the Major that breaks him out of his funk. Of these three favorites, Johnson is perhaps the most likely to finish the best. The caveat for drafting him is price, of course. If he is cheaper than Koepka, you will have a bigger advantage working your way down your roster. We’ll talk more about value below.

Getting a Deal

The concept of value is what you should be focusing on as you draft the second and third tier golfers on your roster. Value is the concept that you want to get as much talent as possible for as low of a salary as you can. This way, you can get better golfers to round out your roster without going over the fixed budget that most DFS golf sites use. That means a strong pick at one DFS site might not necessarily be a strong one at another. With this concept in mind, golfers like Patrick Cantlay, Phil Mickelson, and Rickie Fowler hold a lot of potential. Cantlay is one of the three golfers in this tournament who has had a top ten finish in each the other two Majors this year (Koepka and Johnson being the other two). Fowler is a perennially strong golfer but enters this tournament with pretty poor odds in Vegas considering what he’s capable of. This will likely drive down some of the demand for him and might even help you to find him at a cheap price, which is unheard of for Fowler. And Mickelson’s value on your roster really doesn’t need to be emphasized. He’s one of the all-time greats, and even though he’s not playing at his best level, he is always a threat when it comes to a Major. Discounting his potential could be a big regret. Hopefully, this helps you to get a better idea of who to draft and what to look out for as you head into the U.S. Open. This should be an exciting tournament, and having a strong DFS roster will only make it that much more fun as you watch.