NFL Fantasy Training Camp 2019

The NFL season is about to kickoff. You might already be thinking about drafting your fantasy football team, even. Well, if you haven’t started, now is the time. Teams have reported to training camp, and there’s already a lot of information out there about who’s going to be hot this year when it comes to the regular season.

If you’re just starting to look at your fantasy team, don’t worry because we’ve got your back. We’ve looked at the training camp stats and rumors and have compiled the most relevant and trustworthy information right here for you. Your fantasy football league’s draft might still be weeks away, but now is the time to get the edge when it comes to knowing who to pick, and who to stay far away from.

Start Eying Up Some Daily Fantasy Football

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This is also valuable information for Week #1 if you play at a daily fantasy sports site. If you do play DFS football, be sure that you are looking at any matchups that might impact the outcome of the stats for your specific players, too.

Jared Goff

The Los Angeles Rams Quarterback had his worst game of the season at the Super Bowl last year, throwing just 19-for-38. That performance was lackluster, at best, but not indicative of the type of season that he had. Overall, Goff had a 64.9 percent completion rate during the regular season, which was quite competitive considering his youth. Goff has come into training camp with a renewed sense of confidence, according to observers. He appears to be sharp and driven, despite the stunning loss that his team had against the Patriots in the Championship game. Goff should be a good choice for Week #1 of the season, much like the Goff of the regular season last year.

Ezekiel Elliott

Recently, Ezekiel Elliott missed the optional practice flight to Dallas Cowboys’ training camp. The star RB is not practicing with the team at this point, although there’s a lot of uncertainty as to why this is or how long it will last. As of right now, it’s really unclear what this news means for Elliott. With his troubled history and reputation for getting in trouble, critics are all over the place for what this might mean. However, until any sort of official news is released by the Cowboys, this is just something to keep an eye out for. Hopefully, more information will be available before you hold your draft day.

Dak Prescott

Speaking of the Cowboys, QB Dak Prescott is still negotiating a contract for the 2020 season with his team. The starter is due to become a free agent at the end of this coming season, but a good training camp could equal a big contract offer from the Cowboys. This might have a big impact on his performance.

A.J. Green

Green is going to be out for the next six to eight weeks thanks to torn ligaments in his ankle. The Bengals WR was one of the top-ranked receivers going into the season as he has been for the last several seasons. There are not many targets in the NFL with the same versatility that Green has, and there are not many teams that have so few options like Cincinnati when it comes to passing. Green will still be a hot pick when it comes to the full season draft, but be cautious using him for DFS leagues, especially the first week he’s back starting. That will be a questionable time for him as he will likely only see limited playing time and might not be fully healthy.

Jalen Mills

Jalen Mills will be starting Philadelphia’s training camp on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list thanks to a foot injury. Rumors of an injury have been swirling for a while regarding Mills, but no one was really sure what was going on. The Cornerback will be resting while teammate Ronald Darby is the most likely choice to fill in for him, despite injuries of his own. It’s not clear how long the Eagles will be without Mills at this point.

Odell Beckham, Jr.

Beckham has reportedly been having a conflict with Cleveland Brown’s teammates. The star WR was traded from the New York Giants to the Browns during the offseason due to various reasons, but his inability to gel with all of his teammates is apparently an issue in Cleveland, too. It is still early and Beckham and the rest of the Browns have plenty of time to make adjustments, but rumor has it that Beckham is causing issues with his teammates on his new team. If this continues, his yearlong value might be far less than expected. Keep an ear open for this topic as we get closer to the regular season. DFS players can just fade him in Week #1 and then make adjustments to their rosters as needed based on his performances once the season begins.