The U.S. Open kicks off on Thursday, June 15th. This will be one of the most competitive PGA tournaments of the year, and it will also be one of the biggest daily fantasy golf tournaments of the year. If you’re going to be competitive in your league, you will need the strongest team that you can put together. With that in mind, we’ve put together some analysis to help get you started. Below, you will find a quick rundown on some of the highest rated golfers going into this tournament, along with an underpriced, high-value pick that we think you should include on your team.

Dustin Johnson: We must start out with Johnson. He’s the highest priced pick at DraftKings, with a salary of $12,000. Johnson is a convincing pick—he’s made 9 out of 11 cuts and has 7 top ten finishes so far this season. His average stroke count per round stands at an impressive 69.4, and he’s contributed 79.6 fantasy points per tournament. He also has 2 wins to his credit. Drafting Johnson will be a positive influence on your roster, but because of his price we question whether it’s the best choice. While we won’t fault you for drafting him—he is the best in the world right now—we think that there are better value picks out there. We’ve included a couple for you to consider below.

Jordan Spieth: Spieth really hasn’t shown the greatness that he had a few years ago, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider him here. In fact, although he hasn’t shown the same dominance, his stats are right on par with Johnson’s. And with a salary of $11,500, that makes him a better value choice right off the bat. He has made 10 of 13 cuts, has 6 top tens and a win, and his fantasy point average per tournament stands at an impressive 81.3. He also has a 69.5 average when it comes to stroke count per round. In some areas he is ahead of Johnson, and where he’s not ahead, he is only slightly behind. That $500 in savings will allow you to build a stronger roster below him, too.

Rory McIlroy: However, rather than drafting Johnson or Spieth as your top pick, we suggest using your number one slot for McIlroy. He hasn’t played as much this year, but he remains impressive regardless. He’s made 5 of 5 cuts and has 4 top ten finishes. His stroke count is lagging a little, but stands at an impressive average of 69.7. He also has an impeccable fantasy average of 92.4. McIlroy is priced competitively at $11,200, and of those in the top five, he is by far the best value. Your roster will be much stronger because of the extra savings here. He is coming off of an injury, but that appears to be behind him thanks to the rest that he’s been taking.

Henrik Stenson: We really like Stenson in this tournament. Not only is his average stroke count of 69.9 competitive, he has made 7 out of 11 cuts with 5 top ten finishes. When he plays well, he does very well. His salary of $9,300 isn’t a great value, but you’re also not losing anything on him if you draft him. Our only reservation is that he was cut at the Masters. Hopefully, his recent successes will negate that concern.

Matt Kuchar: Our top value pick of the tournament is Matt Kuchar. He has made 12 out of 14 cuts, has an average stroke count of 70.0 per round, and has 5 top ten finishes. These things point to a strong tournament here, and his salary of just $7,600 makes him an easy draft choice. He is averaging 67.8 fantasy points per round, according to DraftKings, which makes him a high value pick. He might not be a top ten threat, but he does have an outside chance here and he’s almost a shoe-in to make the cut, and at his price, it is well worth it.