The next stop on the PGA Tour is the Memorial Tournament, presented by Nationwide. Many familiar names are entered this weekend, and the daily fantasy golf season is getting heated up. That means that the competition in your league is likely going to be pretty fierce. So, if you’re trying to put together a roster, you’re going to want to give yourself every advantage that you can get. That’s why we’ve put together our analysis for you. Even if you don’t use our roster suggestions, you will have a better idea of where the risk is, and where you’ll be most likely to find high value plays.

Dustin Johnson: Of course, we have to start our list out with Johnson. At DraftKings, he is the most expensive golfer entered with a $12,000 salary. Normally, this would be prohibitively high, but Johnson is one of the best, and this is not the strongest field, so Johnson is actually priced right where he should be. He has made 9 of 10 cuts this season and has an average stroke count of 69.3 per round. He’s made the top ten 7 times, and has an average fantasy score of 85.5. To top all of that off, Johnson has 2 wins. The only drawback to him is his price. If you do draft him, the bottom of your roster may suffer. He has good potential here, but he’s a little too pricey for our liking.

Jon Rahm: If you pass on Johnson, it should be because you are drafting Rahm instead. His stats are very similar to Johnson’s: he has an average stroke count of 69.3, he’s made 10 out of 10 cuts, and he has an average fantasy point contribution of 84.1. He ends up almost even with Johnson, but at a lower price with a salary of $11,100. This should be a good play for most rosters. You should expect similar results, but at $900 cheaper. This gives you an opportunity to use your salary cash more productively elsewhere.

Adam Scott: Scott might be the best value golfer in the top ten this weekend. He has made 7 out of 8 cuts and has an average stroke count of 69.9 per round, putting him ahead of a few other big names. DraftKings has him priced at $9,800, which seems like a steal considering he’s an easy top ten threat here. The downside is that although he’s pretty consistent, Scott has only made 3 top tens so far this season. We see that changing here, and at his low salary, he’s a high value play. And because he’s only ranked sixth overall, you can even draft a more expensive golfer along with him if you plan your roster right.

Rickie Fowler: Fowler is having a strong season from a fantasy perspective, averaging 83.1 points per tournament. With his salary standing at $8,900, he should be an almost automatic draft choice. The issue with Fowler is that he’s a little higher than he should be on his stroke count, which stands at 70.1 per round. The main reason for this is that he had an abysmal final round at The Players Championship where he shot a 7-over last round. If you write this off as a fluke, then Fowler is a strong pick. He might even be at the same level value-wise as Scott. If you can work him into your roster, he is likely to do great things for you.

Hideki Matsuyama: Matsuyama is poised for a great tournament here. His salary of $10,000 is the only thing that should be causing you to reconsider. What it comes down to is: will he perform better than Adam Scott on a dollar per dollar basis? He has made 9 of 10 cuts and has 3 top tens and 2 wins. In this respect, he is very close to Scott. He also has an average stroke count of 69.9, just like Scott. This seems like a coinflip to us, but with Scott being cheaper, we’re leaning toward him.