This weekend, the PGA Tour visits Memphis, Tennessee, for the FedEx St. Jude Classic. This is not a big field, and that means there will be a few golfers that stand out distinctly, with the rest of your roster being open for debate. If you’re unsure of where to look or who to draft, you’re now in luck. We’ve run some analysis on the golfers entered for this tournament and have decided who is a good value pick for this weekend, and who’s not. Hopefully, this will help you draft a strong daily fantasy golf team and dominate whatever league you are in.

Rickie Fowler: Fowler is beginning to show a strong turnaround in his season. He finished T2 last week at the Memorial Tournament, and is the highest priced golfer entered this week with a DraftKings salary of $12,000. He has made 10 out of 11 cuts this year and has 5 top ten finishes. He’s averaging 85.4 fantasy points per tournament and has an average stroke count of 70.1 per round. There’s no question that he is the best golfer entered in this tournament, and because of that, you’re going to pay a premium to draft him. There’s a strong chance that even at this inflated price he will be worthwhile to have. The only stipulation is that you’ll need to make concessions in other places on your roster.

Adam Scott: Scott has the lowest average stroke count per round headed into this tournament with a 70.0. His salary stands at $11,000 putting him at number three overall when it comes to price. But with 8 of 9 cuts made and 3 top finishes, there’s very good reason for him to be so pricey. The issue that you’ll find with Scott is that if you draft him, it will be tough to draft Fowler, too. This is possible, but it’s going to be difficult. However, having both Scott and Fowler on your team will create a powerful duo for you.

Brooks Koepka: Koepka is ranked second overall in this tournament with a salary of $11,500. However, he’s not performing at the level we’d like to see to justify this price tag. He has made just 8 out of 12 cuts and has zero wins to his credit. He’s only made 1 top ten, too. His fantasy point average per tournament is also much lower than those priced near him with his 58.8. Part of the reasoning for this big cost is the fact that he’s faced some pretty tough competition this season. This is not one of those tournaments, but he’s also not the only one who has faced tough golfers this year. Koepka is a great golfer, but we don’t like him at this price tag.

Russell Henley: Henley is a strong golfer and in a competitive position for this tournament. He’s averaged 70.1 strokes per round, which places him in second overall in this category. He is also averaging 71.7 fantasy points per tournament, which is very strong. He has made 9 out of 11 cuts so far this season and has 2 top ten finishes. Henley is priced well based on this information with a salary of $9,800. He is a legitimate top ten threat for this tournament, and could even make the top five realistically. He will be a good mid-tier addition to your roster.

Peter Uihlein: We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Uihlein. Having made 13 out of 14 cuts, he is a legitimate threat in this tournament, especially with his average stroke count per round standing at just 70.8. He has made the top ten 4 times, and is averaging 79.3 fantasy points per tournament at DraftKings. The best part about Uihlein? His salary is just $7,200. That puts him well under the average price per golfer. That makes him not just a strong draft choice, but a valuable deal.