This weekend, the PGA Tour travels to Fort Worth, Texas, for the Dean and Deluca Invitational. Last year’s champion was Jordan Spieth, but this year is a completely different story. Before you get ready to finalize your daily fantasy golf roster, be sure to look over our golfer analysis. This is always a competitive field, and that often makes drafting a strong fantasy team difficult. Before you get started, be sure that you know which golfers will be of good value, and which ones you should stay far away from.

Jordan Spieth: Let’s start out with the returning champ. Spieth has had a decent season so far, making 8 out of 11 cuts so far with 5 top ten finishes. He has an average stroke count of 69.6 right now, and has an average fantasy point total per tournament of 79.5. His price tag of $12,000 makes him a risk, especially since he missed the cut last weekend. Spieth is a great golfer, but he’s not quite consistent enough right now to justify such a big expense. He is the most expensive golfer in the field, but his value is not great enough. We recommend using someone else in your number one slot.

Bud Cauley: Cauley has had a strong run lately, and he can be a tempting choice. But there’s a big downside to drafting him. Of all of the golfers in the top ten, he has the second lowest average fantasy point total per tournament. That might not be problematic, but he is priced at $9,500, and there are several golfers with better fantasy performances that are much cheaper than him. With 8 out of 12 cuts made and only 4 top tens, Cauley would be a risky selection here. Yes, he’s been performing well, but he hasn’t yet been consistent enough to warrant using him in this instance.

Sergio Garcia: Garcia is in a great spot here. His price of $10,800 makes him affordable, yet he has the highest average fantasy point total of anyone in the field at 87.9 per tournament. He has made 7 of 7 cuts and 2 top tens, making him a very reliable force, especially in the way that DraftKings scores. You want someone who is almost guaranteed to make the cut, and Garcia is having a perfect season so far, in this respect. Even better than this, Garcia has been performing at an even higher level over the last couple weeks when it comes to stroke count. His season long average stands at 69.9, but last tourney, he averaged 69.0.

Billy Horschel: After a big playoff win last weekend, Horschel is poised to do great here. He has a below average price at $7,900, making him someone that you can fit in the bottom half of your roster to plug up any holes that you might have, yet he is still posting strong numbers. He’s made 7 out of 12 cuts and has made 2 top tens. He also has an average stroke count of 70.7. That’s a bit weak, but he’s also shown that he’s capable of much better in tense situations. And with his 52.0 fantasy points per tournament, he is someone that’s going to be overlooked by more casual golf fans. There’s some risk with him, but he is cheap enough that this will help you more than hurt you.

Kevin Kisner: Kisner is an interesting choice for this tournament. First, his salary stands at $9,700, making him your number one or two choice. If you’re going to draft him, you need to be sure he’s right for your roster. He has an average stroke count of 70.5, which could be better, but with 9 out of 10 cuts made, he has a lot of potential. He’s also made 3 top tens this season. Kisner could do well here, but the average stroke count is a little higher than we’d like. The main reason why it’s so high is because of a poor performance last week, so we are ready to write this off as a fluke. We suggest using him along with Garcia for maximum impact.